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Lethbridge, Canada
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Indoor play for your canine! Stay to play with them or leave them in Doggy Daycare. A tired dog is a happy dog and a happy owner.


     Paw Time Indoor Dog Park is Lethbridge's first and only indoor facility where you can bring your dog to play safely away from the weather and outside dangers. Being in Lethbridge, we can be faced with extreme weather conditions that don't always make it easy to exercise your dog. During the research phase, we found out that in 2016 Lethbridge was the 2nd windiest city in Canada with 118 days of 40+ km winds. Add to that rattlesnakes and a high coyote population and spending time in the coulees becomes less desirable. Last summer we also had a problem with foxtails, for some reason dogs love them, but often require a vet to have them removed.

     So we decided to open Paw Time. Our building is 10498 sq ft. Our floor plan includes 2 different sized pens, one larger pen at approximatly 2000sq ft and a smaller pen at approimatly 1300sq ft. This allows us to separate the dogs by size if need be. Inside the pens we have couches, chairs and semi tires for the dogs to run around, jump on and dive under. Around the outside of the pens is a 300ft track that is 9ft wide. We decided to add to track so that the humans could walk or run their dogs on leash, also good for any new moms with a stroller or elderly humans with dogs that have a hard time navigating sidewalks in inclamate weather. A 650sq ft multi purpose meeting room is available to rent for birthday parties, baby showers or if you have a dog that needs to let off steam but is not good with others, it is big enough for some games of fetch or bad cases of the zoomies. Available to purchase are human and canine refreshments. We also have 2 stand up dog wash stations, one taller, one shorter for different sized dogs.

     We offer 2 main services. Stay and Play and Doggy Daycare. Stay and Play is where you bring your dog and stay with it while it plays with others. The cost is 10$ for a one time drop in, come and stay as long as you like. Or a month pass for 50$, come as often as you like. We find that humans will stay anywhere from 15min to 2 hours watching their dogs play and act silly. When researching daycares, we found that the other daycares opened at 7 or 8am and closed at 5 or 6pm, with limited or no weekend and holiday availabilty. So we are open from 6am-9:30pm Monday to Friday and 9-4 weekends and holidays. Our daycare prices are tiered depending on length of stay. 1 hour is 10$, 2hours 12$, 3 hours 14$ and anything over 4 hours is 4$ an hour. We have punch cards and discounts for frequent daycare users. Dog washes are 10$, we provide the towels and the shampoo.

     Since opening in January, we have been approached by the Taber Canine 4H club to help provide their youth with volunteer opportunities, a search and rescue scent training group rents our space once a month after hours for training their dogs, a service dog group will be renting our space after hours to provide their service dogs with a play date. and a fly ball group would like to rent the back part of our facility closer to competition time to help train their dogs. We feel like Paw Time has so much more to offer than just Stay and Play and Doggy Daycare.



Mar 6, 2018
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