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Party people unite and launch the product that will save the world… from hangovers. Support our noble cause!


Party Armor is putting in the man hours to study the science of what you need.  What you need is to feel great for that family reunion tomorrow after your best friend’s Gins Of The World Birthday party tonight. To crush that project proposal for the big shots at 8am after entertaining them like a champ the night before. To get through Saturday brunch with your old extra judgie high school squad after having too much post work venting wine Friday.


Party Armor is literally your last shot of the night. Just before your head hits the pillow, you suck back the contents of one of our little bottles and we assure you whatever you would have suffered in the past will be a reduced substantially (you’re welcome in advance). We have put a lot of money and time into so much already, like: well the ingredients for a start, then there’s the mad beautiful graphics and packaging, non?! We’ve also jumped through all the bureaucratical hoops (money, money, money!) to appease health standards across North America for legal sale, while STILL maintaining OUR nutritional commitment. 


Party Armor is more than saving you from a splitting headache. Taken without too many sociables, Party Armor’s ingredients are intended to help support your best health. Treat yo’ health with Maqui Berry as one of the planets most powerful anti-oxidants, or Milk Thistle Extract to protect your liver, also green tea for digestion, and much more.  Don’t reach for big pharma to mask the problem, give your body nutritional ingredients to process in a healthy way.


Boosters to Party Armor will enable us to spread the word. Marketing ain’t easy or free, so we’ll need your support to get the good word out there! By helping us launch Party Armor, know that in a not so distant future when someone  searches up “hangover cure” and “Party Armor” comes up, you’ll know in your own special way that it’s just another way of saying  *insert-your-name-here.


Disclaimer: Party Armor does not prevent you from getting drunk and cannot cure alcohol poisoning. Don’t be drinkdiculous.

Sep 18, 2019
Project launched


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