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ParkChamp eliminates parking pains & helps individuals earn extra money by sharing their space. Help us build a better future for parking!



In today’s fast moving world, cities are growing bigger and becoming busier than ever. Everyone is looking to get somewhere and get there quick. One problem that many of us might experience when going downtown, to work or school is finding a good parking spot. Not to mention, one that won’t cost too much or get us towed.

This is where we come in. ParkChamp is designed to eliminate everyday parking pains for city drivers. The online platform offers a new, innovative way to find more convenient and affordable parking. Even more, ParkChamp allows property owners to easily earn extra money simply by sharing their parking space. This new shared economy for parking will not only help people earn and save money, but limit stress, save time and make cities cleaner and more environmentally friendly.


Owners list their parking space on the website for drivers to rent. It is easy to pre-set the availability, description and daily/evening rate upon sign up, but owners can always login and customize or change these details anytime. Owners set up their stall’s availability so that it suits their schedule; they don’t need to worry about committing to handing out a monthly permit and they don’t need to monitor drivers arriving on an hourly basis.

Owners can also opt to make their parking available overnight. This feature allows drivers to leave their cars parked until 11 am the next day. With this flexible feature, drivers can look forward to more convenient pick up times and less parking tickets.The way ParkChamp is set up, the Driver and Owner don’t ever need to meet. The owner gets paid instantly and the Driver gets a convenient spot.

Drivers use ParkChamp App to find real-time listings for available parking spaces. They can then instantly reserve and pay for parking in as little as three taps. Once booked, the parking space is theirs for the entire booking time. The Driver may leave and come back as long as it is within the booking period. Drivers also get specific instructions to find the parking stall they have reserved.


Our goal is to eliminate everyday parking pains and help city residents earn extra money. This is not only important for Albertans in times where the economy is not at its best but it will be an important factor economical growth in all of Canada. This is why we are looking to raise funds. We want ParkChamp to reach as many people as possible and contract more convenient and affordable parking spaces sooner so you can save more money and time parking.

Getting that extra boost will help us build our technology faster for features like: allowing you to use a one day code entry for closed lots that we contract with. Finally, ParkChamp aspires to see all Canadians park better, save money and see cleaner cities simply through making the most of unused space by listing and finding parking through out platform. Help us build our dream and be a part of ParkChamp growth! Every dollar will help us give the most to building a ParkChamp community!

Mar 1, 2017
Project launched


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