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Vladimir and Mladen Vukovic


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Be a part of launching a new way to eat and meet people in your community!


Welcome to Ourhomecook!

Have you ever tried a home cooked meal and wondered WOW that was delicious! Wouldn't it be awesome if a meal like that was available to everyone in your community? Ourhomecook is all about bringing the community together with home cooked meals. Taste worldwide cuisine, meet new friends and enjoy an experience unlike any other.

Ourhomecook is here for you and the community. We are asking for $8000 to help raise awareness, develop our full website and organize events. We wish to launch special dinner events across Calgary and help provide warm meals in a unique ways to everyone in our community. Please help us bring you and your community closer around a unique meal this holiday season.  



Ourhomecook aims to provide an online platform for users to experience multicultural cuisine in a convenient, unique and social way to dine. It will allow users to browse meals from worldwide cuisines, join hosted events in their community and hire cooks to prepare meals in the comfort of their own home. Ourhomecook is the most exciting way to experience home cooking.

The Company and Management


Ourhomecook was founded in the fall of 2016, and is incorporated in the province of Alberta. It is primarily managed from Calgary with a secondary office in Fort McMurray. The company is owned by brothers Mladen and Vladimir Vukovic (Founders). The founders are engineers with a background in startup companies. Both take on management roles and primary decision making in the company. A contractor workforce and partnerships have been established with local businesses to grow the business.

Our Services

Our customers are people who love food and wish to try a new dining experience. Our cooks are passionate, creative individuals who wish to share their cooking talent with their community and make some additional income. We offer the ability of:


  1. Hiring cooks for a unique home cooked meal experience
  2. Joining hosted events to enjoy a home cooked meal and meet new people
  3. Special requesting of a cook for an event

The Market 


Across Canada newer, more interesting alternatives to conventional dining are showing promise for growth within this industry. Research has shown that international companies offering hosting and private dining experiences have seen solid growth over the last few years. With busy lifestyles, people are spending less time in the kitchen, but interest in home cooking has remained the same. We want to save you time and offer a unique home cooking experience for everyone to enjoy. 


  • One of the biggest advantages of using Ourhomecook is the ability for anyone to cook for others. All of the competitors currently in the industry require food services to be prepared by chefs (culinary certified graduates with years of experience in the field), which greatly limits the amount of meal options available. Our platform permits anyone who wishes to share their meals with the community, while making some extra income. We do, however, offer special designation for professional chefs to showcase and differentiate them from cooks.
  • We offer the ability to book a meal with a cook and join hosted events offered by cooks. This cross-functionality ensures that people are given flexibility when it comes to their dining experience. Currently all our competitors offer only one of these functions.
  • We allow people to enjoy the quality of home cooking from their home at an affordable cost. This takes away the time and stress of prepare meals. 
  • This platform allows the user to meet new people, and brings the community closer.

Future Plans


Ourhomecook intends to become the largest online home cooking platform in Canada. The company plans to expand from Calgary to the rest of Alberta in the first two years with an expansion potential to grow into a national brand in a few short years. Ourhomecook looks to continuously evolve and adapt to technological changes, including plans to introduce a phone application and the full automation of site functionalities in the near future. Lastly, Ourhomecook is committed to developing and improving the quality and togetherness of the community; we are incorporating a donation system for the less fortunate, ensuring that everyone has access to a quality, home cooked meal.

Building the Community


Donations will be made from each successful event to local food banks to ensure everyone has access to a home cooked meal. Ourhomecook will work closely with local organizations within the community in order to bring home cooked meals to the less fortunate. Online profits, separate from those that will be reallocated to operational costs, will be used to finance clothing campaigns and free hosting events; these types of community gatherings will foster an environment of sharing and charitable actions.

Join the Community

So come join us at ourhomecook.com. Help us raise the $8000 required to increase our awareness and bring home cooking to everyone. Help us share those unique home cooked meals with our community and make new friends in the process. Help us bring the community together and discovery home cooking from all over the world!


Nov 21, 2016
Project launched


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