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Cancun Rainforest needs your support to bring the best organic, healthy, and handmade food products from Mexico, and sell them online.


If you are into organic, natural, and ethnic foods, I would like to show you an easy way in which you can enjoy the delicious flavour of Mexican food without having to settle for low quality Tex-Mex imitations, made with unhealthy ingredients, and without having to prepare everything from scratch.


Cancun Rainforest Inc. (Cancun Rainforest) was founded by Dr. Antonio Rico, his son Santiago, and daughter Angelica in August, 2012. The company’s mission is to act as the premium gateway for Mexican and eventually, Latin American organic food producers into the Canadian market. Realizing the great demand that exists for organic food in Canada, Cancun Rainforest decided to import these products.

In our experience working in Canada we have found out that organic and ethnic food retailers don't have the necessary infrastructure to bring products directly from Mexico, and even food distributors won't bother looking beyond what's readily available. I would like to show you a selection of the very best organic food products from Mexico. Authentic, healthy, and innovative products made by community driven enterprises that will get you and your customers excited.

There is an understanding with our providers that having a trustful distributor such as Cancun Rainforest will greatly benefit them and ensure a successfully entry into the Canadian market. We represent top organic and handmade manufacturers from Mexico like eNature, Ki-An, Ki-Xocolatl, Chicza, Fuego Maya, La Consentida, and in the next months Finca Irlanda, Amores y Sabores, Biopremium, and Cusibani.

Our company is currently focusing on organic food retailers and online sales to better serve our clientele and position itself as the premium organic & handmade products provider of choice. We have a website ready for online sales.  We have started importing organc chewing gum and premium organic chocolate products from Ki-Xocolatl and are selling them in Western (AB and BC) and Eastern Canada (ON and QC). We have recently received our first major import consisting of agave and by-products, organic coffee, exotic jams, coconut and by-products, chia and by-products, cold pressed oils, hot sauces, sprouted flours, and amaranth-based cookies and energy bars. These are all certified organic by the USDA and Mexican authorities with equivalencies with Canadian Organic regulators.

Cancun Rainforest is the only food product distributor who finds the healthiest and finest organic ingredients in Mexico, chosen from the heart of the communities, straight from the rain forest, harvested to protect the secrets of the most pure ancient Mexican culinary traditions, and makes sure they are crafted into the best organic food products.

Visit our website, and you will find a wide selection of products that are sure to satisfy your craving for Mexican food.



Apr 1, 2016
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