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Help Chomp a'Lomp open its first storefront in Canada! We are an e-commerce company that makes custom, handmade cookies, by real people!


A Little Bit About Us:

As a brother and sister team, we share many things, including childhood memories of building tree forts, jumping on trampolines, working in the barns alongside our parents and travelling to goat shows. We played in the creek for hours on hot summer days and explored every crevice of our farm, often barefoot, even into November. For us, this was happiness!

Inspired by childhood memories, Chomp a’Lomp began with one simple idea: to make people happy. With a playful name and brightly coloured fondant cookies, we’ve created an e-commerce company that genuinely represents who we are and what matters to us.

But Chomp a’Lomp is more than just a box of cookies—it’s an experience that will make you laugh out loud and fill your heart with joy. We want to bring you back to a simpler time—when the smell of fresh baked cookies and the feeling of bare feet in the dirt were among the greatest delights in life. Our core purpose is to make you happy, and we do it through delicious gifts.

What’s Next:

Like many start-ups, we began Chomp a’Lomp with little more than a dream and a shoestring budget. Over the past 18-months we’ve worked tirelessly to grow Chomp a’Lomp—with many sleepless nights, some rapid aging and dogged determination!

Currently, we operate an Alberta Health Services inspected kitchen in downtown Calgary. We deliver our products locally, and ship goodies across North America! As we have continued to grow, we are often asked, “Where is your storefront?”, followed by, “Oh...well, when are you opening one?!”.

As two outgoing individuals (bordering on social butterflies) we would love nothing more than to open a storefront and see the smiling faces of our community on a daily basis! We dream of being every busy dad & mom’s one-stop-shop for birthday party cookies, cakes and cupcakes; every event and wedding planner’s go-to store for unique catering options and event take-aways; and every business’ go to authority on custom client gifts and edible swag! Well, if you’re in, then we’re in—with your help we can make this happen! 

Why Are We Crowdfunding?

With steady cash-flow and increasing sales, we know that this is the right move, at the right time! We have the perfect location in mind, and we've secured financing for the purchase of the space. Now, through ATB’s BoostR, we hope to raise the much needed cash injection for the storefront design and renovation, making Our Shop a gathering place that Albertans proudly helped build!

What Will You Get?

Our e-commerce storefront is perfect for today’s busy and mobile savvy customers! Our online shopping experience is robust and our systems are streamlined, with integrated shipping and tracking. Our Shop will be a bit different...

1.    We will be located in the heart of the Beltline community, with ample parking and easy access.

2.    With a relaxed atmosphere, friendly faces and the smell of freshly baked cookies, we hope to take you back to a simpler time.

3.    Our Shop will be a place to sit a while, visit with friends, pour yourself a cup of coffee and just disconnect.

4.    Our Shop will be a place where you can watch us handcraft our custom goodies, or grab a book out of our library or bring your friends for a quick study session (student cookie samples on us!).

5.    Our Shop will be a place where the answer is always, “yes”. Where you can stop by for any occasion—even last minute—and you will be able to find the perfect something for that special someone.

6.    For our online customers, Our Shop will be a place to pop-in and meet us, pick-up your order and maybe even sample what’s new store.

We would like to open the doors to Our Shop by November of 2018—welcoming our Calgary community with open arms and the smell of delicious baked goods. Through your support of our ATB BoostR campaign, you can make this dream a reality. We have poured our hearts into our company and would like to continue sharing the magic that is Chomp a’Lomp with our entire community.

May 29, 2018
Project launched


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