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Once Upon a Chocolate offers you a taste of Happily Ever After through our fondant filled chocolates that come in a wide variety of flavors.


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Once Upon a Chocolate Chocolatiers Inc

By Patricia Demes and Sarah Demes

Once Upon a Chocolate Chocolatiers Inc offers you a “Taste of Happily Ever After.” We are Sarah and Patricia Demes and we are participating in the ATB boostR program to raise money to build a commercial kitchen and purchase specialized chocolate equipment so we can bring a “Taste of Happily Ever After” to a store near you.

Our Origin Story We learned how to dip chocolate and make fondant 5 years ago. It’s a recipe that uses real cream, and from all the recipes we’ve tried we believe that this is the creamiest texture and has the best flavor. After we got the recipe down, we just started having fun, playing around with different flavors and decorating with different colors. Our chocolates became a perfect gift for us to give away to our friends and family for Christmas.  Everyone kept telling us, “These chocolates are wonderful.  You should sell these.” Our chocolates were given to the right people and before we knew it we’d been asked to donate some of our chocolates to the Galt Museum Valentine High Tea. The response we received from that event was life changing for us. We were told that people were going from table to table to get their favorite flavors and one woman was quoted as saying, “These chocolates are utterly divine!”  After that we knew that we needed to make this into a full working business and we have been working toward that goal ever since.

Since then we’ve enrolled in a couple of business/entrepreneur courses in Lethbridge that have opened our eyes to what we can do with our product and how we can get it to our customers in the Southern Alberta area.

The Magic of Once Upon a Chocolate Our story book line of chocolates look like classic fairy story books with gold Art Nouveau lettering and inviting art work.  As you open the book you can’t help but wonder what adventure is waiting inside.  There you find the enticing chocolates, and also a bonus.  On the inside of the cover awaits a book with a new fairy tale, written just for Once upon a Chocolate, to take you on a fantastical journey.

The chocolates look intriguing with their colorful decorations which invite you to taste each and every color to see what flavor is hidden inside.  Inside the chocolate coating is the delightful fondant filling made from real cream which, of course, gives it the smooth creamy taste.  The fondant is flavored with a variety of luscious flavors that are rich and sumptuous.  Tasting Once Upon a Chocolate is a culinary adventure.  

The Plan  In order to sell retail to Lethbridge and the surrounding area, we first need to have a commercial kitchen. We already have space to renovate, and we also have much of the equipment, but it is not enough. We need to get funding to finish the commercial kitchen, purchase special chocolate making equipment, and be ready to sell retail. Our goal is to be ready to sell by September, and then to go in full swing for Christmas in December.

Why ATB boostR? In the period of about a month we were encouraged by a variety of people in different places and at different times who thought that Once Upon a Chocolate would be a good fit for boostR.  Why argue with consensus?  We hope that we can raise the money we need for the commercial kitchen and perhaps a bit more toward getting the specialty chocolate equipment.  ATB boostR is also a great way for us to make a splash in the market and get people ready for our big launch in September. 

BoostR Rewards We have many different rewards to choose from starting with our beautiful clear and gold boxes of chocolates with your choice of either 5, 10, 15, 20 pieces of chocolate.  We are also offering the chance for you to become one of our taste testers for a year with new flavors and products to try every month. We have our wedding packages where you can choose a favorite flavor to help add some extra magic to your special day. And we also have our line of Story book chocolates that will be out in the fall. And we have more fun ideas for rewards that will be coming soon, so look out for updates on those on our boostR page.

About Us Mom and I are both very creative, and after we came up with the name “Once Upon a Chocolate” our minds were filled with many fun ideas for what we can do with our chocolates, and we’d love to share those with you in the future. I love putting on my Willy Wonka hat and playing around with bold ideas to see if we can make a fun new flavor, I love finding new recipes, and having those moments of discovery when we make something completely delicious to share with anyone looking for a “Taste of Happily Ever After.”

Mar 6, 2018
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