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A family farm growing potatoes and pinching perogies. Your support will help us grow and stuff your freezer with perogies.


Our farm was settled in 1907 by Great great great great Grandpa Fred who moved from Ontario. Fred developed the farm with a mix of cattle, chickens, grain and hay until 1991 when Grandpa retired from active farming and auctioned off the equipment.  A chance meeting with old neighbours in 1995 reignited the farm when Judy & Walter (aka Mom and Dad) opened up Destination Gardens with family friends the Lema’s. With 5 kids, an abundance of enthusiasm, a whole lot of strawberries and Grandpa’s guidance and supervision, the farm transformed into a Market Garden and U-pick.  Over the years the mix changed. People came and went but Judy kept weeding, picking and planting a farm sized garden.

Mark and Catherine were married on the farm in 2010 and shortly thereafter moved from Edmonton to Spruce Grove into their first house with an actual kitchen for their love of food to blossom. A weight loss journey prior to the wedding continued with home cooking at the center of the journey usually featuring a different cuisine every night.  The local food and food truck movement were just starting and we were both hooked jumping at the chance to sample any of the multitudes of options that were popping up, especially the Drift Food Truck and their awesome sandwiches.   Back at the farm we helped Mom and Dad plant a couple thousand Haskap trees in 2011.   Catherine and I dreamed about the possibilities that the farm offered allowing us to become apart of the local food movement ourselves.  I attended a few Explore Local workshops and learned from experts in the field including Shannon from Nature’s Green Acres, Rhonda from The Cheesiry and Graham from Sparrow’s Nest. Soon Catherine and I were packing up and moving to the farm to start a new adventure as market gardeners.  

I soon realized that my dream of making millions over the summer was not going to happen; I needed a way to extend the season. My love for cooking real food, and adapting old family recipes with a few new twists spurred me to expand the operations to include a commercial kitchen. With Grandpa’s house vacant, what better place to cook our homemade classics. We could preserve the extra produce into jams, pickles, sour cabbage leaves and pinch the potatoes into perogies.  Soon we were catering, baking sinful cinnamon buns, whipping up cheesecakes along with pinching up all the Ukrainian favorites. Mark’s dedication to local goods and food has inspired him to organize the Pysanka Park Market with the help of the Vegreville Agricultural Society.

Inspired by my love of exotic flavors I soon started tinkering with the old classic flavors to come up with new flavors for a sort of Ukrainifusion. As word spread near and far the demand had grown beyond our pinching power.  Through an evening google search for a dough sheeter, I happened upon a perogy machine that pinched faster than a church kitchen full of Babas! The light bulb went off and a dream of our perogies all over Alberta soon danced in my head.  An awesome Logo from a tattoo artist friend Atomic Amy and Not Your Baba’s was born.

That brings us to our ATBoostr Campaign. We are asking you to help us take this next step in the evolution of our family farm and help us bring our family recipes combined with a new twist to more people across Alberta.  We are launching soon so please stay tuned for your opportunity to join us in our Crowdfunding Campaign. If you want to collaborate with us we are always eager to explore new opportunities.

How will Crowdfunding help us.

  1.        Purchase equipment to automate our perogy production
  2.        Upgrade packaging including our fantastic new logo so we can expand our reach
  3.        Help us to decide which retail avenues to pursue
  4.        Let Alberta know how awesome our perogies are
  5.        Introduce ourselves to potential collaboration partners in retail, restaurant, fundraising, local farm and artisan food producers.

How you can help:

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• Spread the Word! Share with friends, family, and anyone that should know about Not Your Baba’s Tag, and Comment on our campaign and video!

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Apr 27, 2018
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