Nomad Mobile Gear Rentals: Improving the Customer Experience

Calgary, Canada
Andrel Reid


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"Help me, help you." New rental software will make it easier & faster for customers to rent gear, while letting us better manage equipment.


Who is Nomad?

Hi! We're Andrel Reid & Kerry McGuire. And, we are Nomad. We're a family-owned and operated rental shop in Calgary. Except, we're not really a shop. We're 100% mobile, delivering your summer and winter sports rentals right to your door - whether that door leads to your home, office, hotel, or community centre. We come to you, gear in hand.

At Nomad, we try to take the effort OUT of renting gear. You can book online and we will deliver and pick up your gear (within Calgary) for free. Our staff (OK, Andrel) is a fitting pro and will help you get the right size boots, skis, bike, and more.

Why mobile rentals?

Why mobile rentals? Why not? Andrel has spent years in the retail and rental industry and the biggest source of frustration his customers had was spending time waiting for gear instead of using it. Providing delivery was the best wait to address the biggest pain point in the industry. 

When we decided to provide free delivery, it just didn't make sense to have a storefront. A shop would require more staff, which would require more money, which would make our gear more expensive. So instead, we have a van. We pass the savings of running our shop out of a fantasically outfitted van on to our customers. 


About the BoostR

Why run a BoostR campaign?

Our business is growing. And our customers are growing with us. We want to offer our customers a better booking experience to kick of their rental. This campaign will help support the set up and migration costs associated with new inventory, booking, and point of sale software.

What will the $5K be used for?

We are going to migrate to a new booking software that will allow our customers to:

  • Request a delivery time (instead of waiting for an email from us to ask about delivery)
  • Add small purchases to their rental bookings (need a water bottle for your bike ride?)
  • Add more people to the booking (it will be easier to book for a family or group of friends)

And of course there are benefits for us:

  • Inventory and service management functionality will allow us to track rentals, service to gear, and more, ensure our equipment continues to stay in tip top condition.
  • Easily convert our rental items to sales items. Did you know we sell our gear at the end of the season?
  • Spend less time managing bookings and more time delivery gear, advising customers, and getting a few runs in ourselves!

What you get for your boost

  • Free rentals! Our rewards are mostly vouchers to try out the gear.
  • Pick what you want based on the amount you want to boost or the gear you want to try.
  • Don't miss out on our Perfect rewards, which include season leases for skis and bikes!


Find out more!

How you can help

  • Spread the word! Like, tag, comment on our video and share it with your family and friends. We have something for almost anyone!
  • Reward yourself! Rent our gear for free! Most of our rewards are vouchers for gear rentals. You can support a local business and get a rental out of it for no extra cost.
  • Find us on social media! Follow us on Instragram & Twitter and like us on Facebook.

What others are saying about us

We measure our success on more than just numbers. The positive reaction and feedback from our customers is WHY we do what we do: 

Takes renting sport gear to a new level. No more chasing around to rental stores to pick up and drop off during their business hours or standing in queue at the ski hill losing time that could be spent on the slopes. Nomad brings the gear to you, fits you in your home freeing up your time to spend enjoying your favorite activity. -- markR655DB (Nomad customer on TripAdvisor)

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Mar 1, 2017
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