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Guidance from a professional coach and the intuitive, healing vibe of a horse creates a space for optimum discovery and healing



By Cutting Edge Coaching

As we become more globally connected in this lifetime, a significant amount of people are living in a state of disconnect. Adults and children alike are affected by mental and emotional health concerns, anxiety, PTSD, depression and limiting beliefs. At Cutting Edge Coaching we embrace the value of a balanced life including  complete health, self-empowerment, and creative lifestyles.


My name is Aileen Wagner and I became certified in the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method after a lengthy career in education. The opportunity to pull together my experiences with people, and a lifetime with horses to create a transformative space for clients is exciting. Horses have been supporting humankind for thousands of years and only recently have they been acknowledged for their true gifts as teachers and healers. Connecting with a professional coach (myself), and feeling the energetic, intuitive support of a horse creates a powerful experience to move people through old stories.

At Cutting Edge Coaching we commit to inspiring our clients as they discover an awareness that empowers them.


As a new business, we need to acquire all the equipment and tools necessary to provide the best service. Due to the experiential nature of the work a variety of props are required, storage containers to keep them in, chairs, blankets and a shed to house all of these items. A sound system is a necessity for workshops and communicating with groups in a large area. What would we do for an outdoor bathroom facility? A handy can would definitely come in handy as we spend a lot of time outside. In keeping our business flexible and somewhat mobile, we require portable metal panels for assembling a round pen - a workspace for the horses. To top of our list, banners and marketing materials as well as office equipment and supplies would be a welcome addition.


We invite you to visit us at our website at www.cuttingedgecoaching for more information about our business and services.


We thank you for your generous support and assistance, our goal is to raise $7,500 by offering creative and experiential rewards.

Jan 5, 2018
Project launched


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