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Calgary based Start-up looking for your support to build on their Plant Based Health Foods & Vegetarian Inspired Cafe Business in Calgary !


Namo Naturals Inc. was incorporated in Calgary Alberta in Feb 2018.

We are a Calgary based  family run start-up in the Health Food Solution business 

Around the new year both my wife and I  decided to eat healthy and supplement our diet with Plant Based superfoods to cope with  our demanding lifestyle .

After research and talking to colleagues and friends we found a common theme in what we and everyone had to say it sounded some like this " its too difficult / expensive to carry a pantry full of ingredients to make the daily smoothies and Shakes " and we realised the reason was that most ingredients were sold separately and were quite expensive to buy depending on quality and where you get them from .

That sparked a idea and  decided to start our own company Namo Naturals and Vittal Organics with a intention of Simplifying Wellness !!  

The idea was to portion control all the superfoods in a single delicious , portable and easy to use package that can help anyone from busy moms,  professionals , Students & Athletes . That’s how we developed our first product " Blend Boosters " .

"Blend Boosters" are  Smoothie Balls that are made using various dry fruits and nuts , and enriched with superfoods such as Turmeric , Matcha , Ahwagandha , Chia , Maca, Goji Berries , Acai , Dried Berries etc. 

To make a smoothie using a Blend Booster all you need is  piece of fruit , ice-water and a Blender 

We use only Organic and All Natural ingredients with no added refined sugars , fillers , Preservatives or Artificial flavours 


Blend Boosters are currently available in 5 flavours

  • Cocoberry
  • Hello Sunshine
  • Green Boost
  • Crimson Bliss
  • Hazelnut Espresso

The product were well received and we are currently selling to 2 reputed restaurant chains and through word of mouth . We are now working in collaboration with some boutique fitness clubs and producing Supercharged Energy Truffles , We are also making Chia Pudding Pre mix and Seeds and Nut Milk Base .

Currently we are working out of a Collective kitchen and almost all our retail sales come through word of mouth and family and friends . With the help of ATB Boostr we are hoping to create awareness about the product and get people to try it through our rewards .

Funds raised through the campaign will be used towards opening our Namo Cafe and Bistro in Calgary , we have leased a existing space and are currently in process of renovating and making storefront with a full production kitchen  where we are hoping to show case our current products and the kitchen will double up as a commissary kitchen and also the cafe kitchen .

Namo Cafe will serve Vegetarian Insipred Cuisine, we will  source locally and sustainably to the best of our ability. 


We are hopeful and ready to work hard to achieve our goals and any amount of support will be greatly appreciated .





Aug 27, 2018
Project launched


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