Mystery Towns - Do you Have a Clue?

Canmore, Canada
Louise Green


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Clue-solving adventures that transform cities and towns into real-life puzzle boards, where you and your friends become the game pieces!



Mystery Towns offers Clue‐Solving Adventures that transform any town or city into a real‐life puzzle-boards, where you and your friends become the game pieces! Best described by one of our guests as ‘part scavenger hunt, part escape room and part Amazing Race’, we use our APP to lead participants on a fun‐filled walk (or race) in teams of 2-4 players through town, showcasing local icons, viewpoints, history, businesses and hidden secrets even the locals don't know – all following an amusing storyline to unlock a final mystery.


We a group of 4 professionals with decades of experience in tourism product development, that share a common belief in the principles of collaboration, simplicity and creating the perfect experience for our guests (instead of only doing what works for us!). We strive to deliver the ‘ultimate’ travel experience; something that:

  • Delivers an exciting, engaging and FUN experience to our guest on THEIR OWN terms.
  • Promises absolute simplicity and flexibility to INDUSTRY to meet the needs of their clients.
  • Directs people into to multiple PARTNER businesses that perfectly complement our product.
  • Appeals to visitors and locals alike.


Over the past 18 months we have developed, tested and launched two platforms – our adventure-building model which has to date has 15 Mystery Towns adventures on offer across 6 different locations in Alberta and BC, and our Mystery Towns APP which is used by our guests to access our product.

In addition to being a seriously FUN and engaging experience, Mystery Towns adventures are all about flexibility - once booked, guests can start on any day whenever they are ready, and can go at their own pace - either as a gentle or as a race against the online leaderboard. Adventures are designed in a spirit of collaboration with partner who ultimately deliver the experience – at various points guests will engage with businesses whose staff have been trained as ‘actors’ in the adventure. In the past year, we have welcomed over 1,000 teams (3-4 players per team) on our adventures and of those completing post-game surveys 98.4% say they would consider playing elsewhere and 95.2% say they are likely to refer.


We have an incredible product but because we are new, people simply don’t know about the experience we offer. Therefore, we are crowdfunding to raise awareness and help us put clue-solving adventures on the map.

As part of this, we plan to launch a new year-round adventure in each of three communities in Alberta that are actively seeking tourism product. In addition, for the first $10,000 in sales on each product we will share 25% of the revenue back to a local community organization such as minor hockey. So the $7,500 we raise will result in $7,500 direct investment back in communities, as well as the ongoing economic impact of a new year-round tourism product.

This campaign will play our current lack of exposure off against our clue-solving product and the expansion into new locations, and be called DO YOU HAVE A CLUE?, It is designed to raise awareness through multiple forms of digital media, to generate media stories about these great new community opportunities, and ultimately get people outside and playing!


Our endless gratitude of course, but assuming that you’d probably like something a little more tangible, we are offering a number of rewards both big and small. The game platform is ready to quickly go into as many locations as we can support – and once we have you hooked on our adventures we know you will be excited to get playing elsewhere. And as a crowdfunding partner you will have the opportunity for special offers, sneak previews as part of our testing crew, and even the potential to help design future games and/or bring an adventure to a town near you.


Oct 8, 2018
Project launched


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