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My OM Little Yoga Mat- Perfect Size Yoga Mat for KIDS! Launching our NEXT SIZE My OM Little Yoga Mat for kids ages 5-10. Made in YYC. ECO


The Story of My OM Little Yoga Mat ™

Have you ever had a moment in your life where time stands still?

This is how My OM Little Yoga Mat was born, a moment where absolutely nothing around me existed except my two year old daughter’s piercing blue eyes locking into mine. I felt my heart beat quickly, my soul was on fire and in this moment I truly understood how my daughter Sarah was inspiring me.

It was a cold November morning in Calgary, Alberta. Sarah and I were looking forward to our Parent and Tot Yoga Class at the Trico Centre. We both unrolled our adult sized yoga mats. During the class I was focused on how the adult sized yoga mat did not fit my daughter’s body proportion. I also observed that Sarah was unsure on where their hands and feet should be placed on her large yoga mat.

The class came to a close and Sarah eagerly began to roll up her adult-sized yoga mat, she was in the stage where she wanted to do everything ‘on her own’. Sarah was getting frustrated, “Too heavy for me”. She then looked at me and said, “Mama, I want my om little yoga mat”. 

I am so glad that I listened to my daughter; so thrilled that she and thousands of children worldwide have their My OM Little Yoga Mat, in which they can be active, mindful and healthy.

My sweet child, you are the light in my eyes, the beat of my heart, the whisper in my soul. You inspire me, always. More than you could ever know. –Vicki Reese-


My OM Little Yoga Mat ™

On July 1st 2015 in Calgary, Alberta, I launched My OM Little Yoga Mat, the premier eco-friendly children’s yoga mat made in Calgary, AB, proportioned to fit a child ages 0-5 and is 18"x 39".  I am beyond thrilled that children love having their own yoga mat that they can carry, open and roll up on their own. Many of my customers have commented that it improves their child’s comfort, confidence and independence. My OM Little Yoga Mat has also inspired children and families to become more healthy and active together!

My OM Little Yoga Mat is perfect for yoga, but has many other multipurpose uses such as; tummy time, massages, gymnastics, play mat, exercise mat, travelling, physical therapy and outdoor use. My OM Little Yoga Mat is extremely durable, lightweight and long lasting. My OM Little Yoga Mat colours are chakra inspired and are available in light blue, dark lavender, pink, purple and orange.

Only the best for little ones! The quality of My OM Little Yoga Mat is outstanding! In creating a yoga mat for children I searched throughout Canada for the thickest yoga mat. My OM Little Yoga Mat is extra thick deluxe (over ¼”), the textured non-slip surface helps children keep their footing and the luxurious cushioning protects developing and growing joints, bones and muscles.

Today, many children have allergies or reactions to toxins or latex. I have created a chemical free, hypoallergenic product that is safe for all children. My OM Little Yoga Mat does not contain latex, lead, BPA, phthalates and AZO dyes. It is biodegradable and recyclable. The creative design on My OM Little Yoga Mat is printed with soy-based ink.

Why Yoga for Kids?

In 2015, an estimated 2.9 million children worldwide participated in yoga. In addition to yoga studios and fitness centres, preschools, daycares and public schools are integrating yoga into the curriculum. The benefits of yoga for children include; improves self-esteem, strengthens coping mechanisms, reduces anxiety, lowers blood pressure, increases physical strength and flexibility, sharpens focus and concentration and it is non-competitive.

My OM Little Yoga Mat is Growing!

The demand for My OM Little Yoga Mat is high! My OM Little Yoga Mat currently has 90 retail partner locations provincially, nationally and internationally. We are also growing our loyal customer base daily. As an Alberta based company in Calgary we are contributing, expanding and diversifying the economy.  As a family based company we realize that this campaign would allow My OM Little Yoga Mat to mass produce, expand product line, expand marketing plans and launch community partnerships.

Thank you!

My OM Little Yoga Mat Team

Nov 21, 2016
Project launched


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