Moose Trail Overland Basecamp Retreat

Canmore, Canada
Ryan Strohmaier


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Sharing our love for the outdoors with visitors to the Bow Valley by offering custom experiences and participating in community initiatives.



The Bow River Valley has exploded with tourism over the last few years. The shoulder to shoulder tourist destinations have forced many visitors to create a schedule that is lengthy and overwhelming. People are already lining up at 7am to catch buses in hopes to take the most uninterrupted photo they can. This isn’t the way to experience the Rockies. This isn’t the way to enjoy a vacation. That's why Mike and I (Ryan) created Moose Trail Overland. We know there is a better way. A different way. A local’s way. Through our van, "Handsome Andy", we created a tour that brings our guests to the locals "hot spots". To places where selfies are truly that, selfies. Sharing stories of the area, sipping on local brews and eating in mountain lodges has been only the start to our dream company. But we want to do more. We want to create that one experience which all of your friends will want to do with you. Thus, us reaching out through ATB Boostr. 


This winter, we are in "beast-mode". We want to move forward on an original idea and make it come true. The first plans we had ever created revolved around taking people into environments where only the seasoned adventurers would dare to go. To serene places that only the locals knew and could go comfortably. NOW we want to put the money where our mouth is. Picture yourself driving through the Rockies with local guides, stopping at places where you can truly feel alone. As you approach your camp, you realize the rustic and cozy feeling it gives you. Canvas tents with beds and a wood stove welcome you. So does your chef and camp manager from the dining tent. And of course, a private cedar sauna intercepts your endless views of the mountains that surround you. 


That's what we want to create!! We know it will blow your mind and give you a chance to experience the area like the fir traders did, except with a few more amenities ;). 




One of the main reasons for starting our company is to make this home of ours a better place. It has been, and always will be, an important part of our development as an entrepreneur. It's what, we believe, separates us from our competition. We align ourselves with other like-minded companies and are constantly thinking up new ways to share our passion of the outdoors, but to extend that passion by giving back.


With our personal history working with charities and serving this community as fire fighters, we want our kids to grow up in a place that promotes giving back to its community members. That's why we are making a commitment to donate 5% of our revenue to community projects, schools, and other donatable opportunities, once we get our business off the ground. We want Moose Trail to represent who we are and what we do through this kind of work. 




The idea of creating a company that represents everything Mike and I stand for is the ultimate dream. But knowing that we can make a difference at the same time is beyond comprehension. We truly believe that all of this is obtainable, and we want you to be a part of this. By supporting us you are supporting so much more.



Oct 10, 2018
Project launched


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