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DBA Strong Games, developing games for a cure, through game, through awareness, through funding research. This is DBA Strong Games!


 What is DBA Strong Games?

I am a dedicated loving husband and father of 3 trying to make a difference for people of all ages with rare diseases, cancer and disabilities by making mobile games that focus on aspects of the condition at hand in turn raising awareness and generating research funds from a portion of the proceeds gained from revenue.  

 My motto is developing games for a cure!

I know first hand how rare disease can affect someone and their family as my youngest son, myself and late father suffer from a rare blood disorder "DBA" that only a few hundred people have in the world. The impacts and limitations have been challenging to say the least but by creating DBA Strong Games I aim to reach out and help others by giving hope and strength to people who suffer, through game, through awareness, through funding research.  

What made me create DBA Strong Games?

Me, my son and my late father suffer from DBA (Diamond Blackfan Anemia), which is a rare blood disorder only 700 people in the world have, it causes bone marrow failure of the red cells which require monthly blood transfusions to stay alive. I lost my father in Match due to DBA and can't imagine my son having to go through the same thing, there are many research projects in the pipeline but with research there becomes the need for funding. As DBA only affecting fewer than 1000 worldwide there is not enough donation support for to start these research projects so I have taken it into my hands to try and gain funding and awareness, not only for DBA but for all of those who suffer.

First games I aim to release with the successful funding of DBA Strong Games, both are already in early development. See top pictures for gameplay screens:

App Name: Transfusion Jumpers - Jump for a CURE!
Awareness: Blood donations and DBA.
Type: Endless Jumper, OneTap game.
Platforms: iOS and Android. 
Awareness: Blood donations and DBA.
Funding: Research project for DBA.

Gameplay Highlights:
  • Endlessly jump cell to cell each inspired by different blood cells IE white cells, platelets, etc.
  • Screen moves forward, faster as you progress and character spins around cell giving jumping more of a challenge.
  • True to life DBA warriors implicated as background characters.
  • Real Calgary landmarks.
  • Collect red blood cells as "coins" for "saves".
  • All age fun.
  • Easy to learn, challenging to master.
  • Blood donation theme and facts.
  • Social sharing.
  • And much more!

App Name: Blood Drop POP - Pop for a CURE! 
Type: Bubble Shooter (Match 3 Game).
Platforms: iOS and Android.
Awareness: Blood donations and DBA.
Funding: Research project for DBA.

Gameplay Highlights:
  • "Bubbles" come from donor on left which correspond with different blood types.
  • Goal is to match 3 blood types and free the blood drops which when freed fall and are "transfused" to blood recipient on right.
  • O- can donate to anyone so in game it is the universal "bubble" which can match with any.
  • "Antibody bubbles" will act as blocks. 
  • There will be special "bubbles" and abilities that relate to blood transfusions IE "Irradiate" ability will destroy antibodies.
  • Game area will be in transparent transfusion bag.
  • True to life DBA warriors implicated as background characters.
  • Quick Blood donation facts/quotes after each level.
  • World map is mock up of Calgary featuring, ACH, Canadian blood services building, Calgary Tower and more.
  • Over 50 levels .
  • Blood donation theme and facts.
  • Social sharing.
  • And much more!

Quick Facts.

  • Genres/type of games will change for each theme with some being variations of successful genres/types to fully unique user experience.
  • All games will have real life facts about said condition/theme in game which raise awareness to the cause at hand.
  • Each game will be dedicated to someone and their fight. My launch games are dedicated to my son and my late father.
  • I have about 7 other projects documented for future work at the moment.
  • I will always incorporate real people with said condition matching theme into my games.

Questions and Answers.

Is funding only situated around DBA? NO, funding is situated around theme of game, Future games will have different themes and funding will be given to said foundations.

Will you charge for your games? As for right now all games are FREE, I will use in app purchase for funding explained in Q&A below.

How will you use in app purchase for funding a cause/cure? I plan to create a custom and unique in game item for each game that you purchase which will revolve around theme at hand, it will place an item on screen or on character showing recognize support for a cause/cure. Example of this is for Transfusion Jumpers you will be able to purchase a custom made DBA Logo for the players characters clothing which will show in game, showing you supported a cause/cure.

Do you have any experience in mobile development? Yes! I did successfully complete programs in Unity, SWIFT and C+. I am continuing and committed to learn more so outsourcing can be decreased on certain projects. 

How will you decide what cause to fund for your next project? My son gets blood transfusions every 2 weeks at the children's hospital, there is always inspiration there. By actual interactions with some of the chronically sick children I will get input and ideas for my next project. Also on my website you will be able to request a game based on your condition.

How will you fund future games? I will use the "hopeful" success of my startup to fund my future games, my funding is for a startup of a longstanding gaming empire per say not just for a single game. This is NOT something that will be short term I am dedicated and in it for the long haul.

What will the BoostR funding be used for? Funding will strictly be for the development of my first games and startup of DBA Strong Games, then after will rely on the revenue and experience for future games.

What are your future plans for DBA Strong Games? DBA Strong Games will be committed to releasing addictive, high quality games on a regular basis to raise awareness and research, there is no saying or telling how far this will go in the end it all depends on success, I can tell you the more success I have the further it will go! But either will I am committed to making a difference. I do have a long term outlook fully documented and based on different success models, I am realistic about my goals and knowledgeable about all the aspects of running a mobile gaming business.

Why is the "Blood drop ninja" in both games? The ninja is my "Hero" for DBA, so all DBA related awareness and funding will feature a variation of him.
I will create a different "Hero" for each cause I am raising awareness and funding for.

Risks and Challenges.

The only risk and challenges I can foresee is my launch games not being successful enough to reach people and there for doesn't have as much of an impact to support a cure and raise awareness that I would have hoped for but either way any support and awareness in the end is worth it!

Successful or not DBA Strong games will be made.

 "I am DBA Strong and this is DBA Strong Games." 




Oct 11, 2016
Project launched


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