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Manday - All natural men's grooming powered by hemp, handmade in Calgary & Cosmetic manufacturing for small businesses


Manday Grooming is a Calgary-based company that makes all-natural, hemp-based men's grooming products started by Shon Noda and Evan Ward in 2016. We started making our own products because neither of us could find hair pomade that held our hair in style while also being made from natural ingredients. Once we started experimenting with pomade formulas in the kitchen of Evan's condo, our passion for creation took off leading us to experiment with other products. Over the past few years, we've moved out of the kitchen, expanded our product line, and currently help other small-medium sized businesses with their cosmetic manufacturing needs. We were being approached by many local businesses to make cosmetic products for them which allowed us pursue our passion of making great products while helping other businesses make their dreams come to life by having their own cosmetic brand & products. Since we were making products for men and women we needed a name that reflected the full scope of the manufacturing side of our business, this is how My Custom Cosmetics was born.

What We Do - Manday Grooming Inc.

We formulate, manufacture, and distribute our handmade, hemp-based men's grooming products through multiple channels including online, retail stores, local markets, and various related expos including hemp, taboo, and natural health expos. We offer a complete line of natural, cruelty-free men's products for discerning men who are looking for products that are more effective and better for their body and the environment.

We use Canadian-grown hemp in all of our products for many reasons including it's great benefits to skin and body, environmental sustainability compared to other cosmetic ingredients, and our ability to support local industry. Not only does hemp provide a high ratio of omega 3: omega 6 fatty acids, vitamins, and does not cause the skin to break out, it can also be grown without pesticides, has a high carbon capture ability, and has a high growth rate making it a very sustainable source for cosmetic ingredients, food products, and more.

Our current product line includes:

  • Hair styling products: Matte Clay & WB (Water-based) Pomade

  • Beard products: Beard Sauce & Manetamer

  • Soap & Shower products: Hemp bar soap, Shampoo, Conditioner

  • Shave products: High-lather shave soap

  • Body & other products: G.O.A.T. Goat's Milk Muscle & Joint rub, C4 Parfum, Hemp Lip Balm, Soy Wax Candle

What We Do - My Custom Cosmetics Inc.

When we started Manday we had many companies approach us to manufacture custom cosmetic products for them. With our passion for creating innovative, quality, natural products we started My Custom Cosmetics Inc. to help small business owners put their personality into a product in a model that is affordable and sets them up for long-term success. We do this by providing a wide range of manufacturing and formulation services from turnkey product development, branding, & manufacturing to custom single product formulation and manufacturing. We allow low-volume minimum orders to reduce the barrier to entry for small businesses and work with them as they grow to continue to provide the highest quality products for their brand. We work with a variety of clients including women's beauty product lines, high volume show products for fitness centre, barbershop/mens products, and specialty products. 

Why we entered ATB BoostR

We entered ATB Boostr to raise money to purchase new equipment for Manday & My Custom Cosmetics. With an increased demand for Manday brand products as well as our increasing clientele for My Custom Cosmetics we are currently using all of our equipment at capacity. Purchasing new equipment will allow us to increase the volume of products that can be manufactured in a single batch, significantly reducing labour time, decrease turnaround time to make product, and all around improve efficiency so we can spend more time outside of the lab to continue to grow our businesses. 

If we are successful in our ATB Boostr campaign, we plan to put the funding towards purchasing:

  • Higher capacity pneumatic filler - reducing production time, increasing volumes, and increasing consistency for hot pour products

  • Label printer - allow us to bring a percentage of our label printing in house to reduce turnaround time for product development and reduce printing costs, also allows us to launch our vision for - custom cosmetic products, with your brand, delivered to your door.

  • Larger soap molds - with a lead time of 8 weeks for traditionally-made soap we have had a hard time keeping up with the demand at our current capacity, this will allow us to manufacture 400% more soap in 1 batch helping us reduce inventory issues

We have a big year planned for 2019, we plan to expand both portions of our businesses significantly throuhgout the year as detailed below. By supporting our Boostr campaign you are helping make our (and other local businesses) dreams become a reality!

Manday Grooming 1 Year Picture

  • Increase retail distribution in Alberta and Canada

  • Refine product line with improved and more sustainable packaging

  • More exposure at expos and events including: Canadian Health Food Association Trade Show, Calgary Stampede, Market Collective, and cosmetic shows

  • Focus on more targeted online marketing and education videos to show men how to properly groom

My Custom Cosmetics 1 Year Picture

  • Increase manufacturing capability to match growing demand for our manufacturing services

  • Launch - a site where anyone can create their own branded custom cosmetic products, delivered right to their door

  • Expand facility & begin licensing process for a Standard Processing License under the Cannabis Act to allow us the future capability to manufacture cannabis-infused cosmetic products when regulations are released in 2020

We appreciate you taking the time to learn about our business and thank you for supporting 2 dudes with big dreams!


Shon & Evan

Mar 1, 2019
Project launched


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