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MakeFashion is a design-lead wearable technology fashion company. Engineers and designers collaborate to develop amazing fashion projects that we show around the world.


By working together as designers and engineers, we've developed a new genre of culture in Calgary; the wearable tech fashion scene. As a result of our project Calgary has the most active wearable tech fashion scene we know of. 

We aren't talking about gadgets on your wrist.

We are talking about enchanting garments that allow true personal expression. 

Fashion that can shift color, monitor your vitals, help with muscle rehabilitation, respond to incoming notifications, change shape to adapt to weather and many other useful functions. 

This is the future of fashion and technology. We call it MakeFashion.

For three years we've collaborated to organize the MakeFashion Runway & Gala. Each of the pieces created for our shows represent hundreds of hours, and thousands of dollars invested. We, as designers and engineers, have been working together to elevate each other, making the engineering more beautiful, and making the beautiful more functional. 

Everything we create is for the love of exploring what is possible (and what isn’t...yet). We hope to advance our vision and start solving real personal health and habit problems as well as enriching people's lives through human expression that was never before possible. 


Sep 28, 2015
Project launched


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