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A child development program based on Mental Math for kids 5-13 years, builds the ability to solve problems in record time visualizing Abacus


Abacus for Kids:

AbacusMaster Canada was launched in Edmonton in February 2017 is a globally recognized and scientifically proven, child development program based on Mental Math for children aged 5-13 years. It offers a specialized course, that is proven as a “Brain Development Program” for children. Children do fast calculations in mind visualizing Abacus bead movements that helps to improve their concentration levels. Research shows that children who are good in Abacus and perform mental calculations, actively use their least used right hemisphere of the brain. 

Recently AbacusMaster Canada participated in various events in Edmonton Public Schools (Millwoods and Duggan Areas), William Lutsky YMCA Center, creating awareness among kids and parent’s, regarding benefits of Abacus learning at a young age. Each child is different and they learn differently. Children are taught in three different types of learning at AbacusMaster Canada – Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. Visual learners learn through visual activities, auditory best through listening, and kinesthetic through movement and activity.

Abacus for Seniors: 

A unique brain training program that stimulates the three senses (sight, hearing & touch), for seniors and people with cognitive impairments. This unique method of math training also promotes creativity, increases memory capacity, helps improves one's focus and concentration, leading to faster and more intuitive thinking. Recently Abacus Master Canada provided Demos to Ismaili Elderly Care center in North as well in South of Edmonton. This demo program was attended by over 100 seniors living in the center.

Active minds keep dementia away!

Our Business Plan:

Our plan is to create awareness of Abacus learning by spreading the message to all Edmontonians. Strongly believe, ATB BoostR would be a great platform to reach thousands of people across the city.

For the Current year 2018, we wish to add two more locations in Edmonton specially in the North and West of Edmonton on sharing the space concept. This would double our student strength from the present capacity of 50 children in the current location. Venues like YMCA or a Music and Dance schools would be very ideal to rent out available space as per need basis.

Mar 9, 2018
Project launched


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