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An Online Liquor Store that delivers true value! Convenience - Expert Advice - Lower Prices - White Glove Delivery Service


Liquidity Liquor Club by Kegs and More Liquor

Our mission is to simplify and enhance how consumers shop for wine, beer and spirits, while saving them time and money.  

Liquidity Liquor will broaden the palate of members through delivery of unique and personalized wines, beers and spirits from around the world.  Having access to almost every product that is available in Alberta, we can deliver whatever a member wants to buy at a discount.  

We understand that there is a diversity of tastes and preferencese, and believe that there is no right or wrong when it comes to anyone's beverage of choice, but we do believe there are the right beverages for you. This is why we are building a platform using expert analysis and artificial intelligence to recommend to our members the best wines, beers and spirits that suit their personalized tastes.  

Part of the process to build a profile of our members will be to offer collections of different products.  These collections will be hand selected by our own Sommelier so that we can learn your preferences.  Less than 5% of all products will ever make it in to our collections, thus our members will already be getting the best of the best as they explore the wonderful diversity available to Albertans.  

Since we do not operate many locations, our lower overhead will allow us to offer our wines, beers and spirits at a significant dicount compared to traditional retailers.  We will also have no need to maintain a significant level of inventory, as we will be offering case lot sales and just in time ordering, further contributing to lower costs that we can pass on to our members.

Finally, we have partnered with a unique Alberta based delivery company, that will coordinate with members to deliver orders to their door when it is conveneient for them.  

Please check out our store!

Thank you for your support!

Dec 11, 2017
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