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The goal of Lemon Yoga is to provide private yoga lessons to seniors & those who might find yoga in a group setting initially intimidating.


Lemon Yoga Goal

The goal of Lemon Yoga is to provide private tailored yoga lessons to those who might find yoga in a group setting initially intimidating and/or do not have time to attend yoga classes in yoga studios. In addition, group yoga classes will be held throughout the community at a drop in rate. Some other yoga program formats are corporate yoga classes, yoga workshops and yoga retreat. 

Through the use of gentle and easy to access yoga postures and sequences, breath-work techniques and mindful meditation, Carrie Liu, founder of Lemon Yoga, aspires to inspire her clients to strive for a more holistically healthy lifestyle. 

Lemon Yoga Vision

Live life compassionately through yoga 

Why Crowd Funding?

 Through crowd funding, Lemon Yoga’s goal is to raise $5000. With this support, Carrie plans to give back to the community through yoga. She would love to put her raised money towards:

 -Yoga mats, props & blankets to provide for mobile yoga service/clients who don’t have access to these items themselves

 -Further website development and advertisement funding to create more awareness about the benefits that yoga can have on seniors, and

 -A potential space for private lessons/meditations/consultations

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 Through Campaign exposure, Carrie will be searching for business partners who will be able to work collaboratively.


 How does this Crowd Funding work?

 The service and and products you order will be rendered once the campaign has been completed and the target goal of $5000 is reached. 

 How do I schedule my private yoga classes? 

 We will work with your schedule and deliver yoga classes to meet your needs/objectives. 

 When will my product be ready?

 We are targeting a July delivery. We have been working with partners. We are confident that we will meet this timeline. 

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A HUGE Thank You to the following:

TN Imagery - for the videography and photography 

Jamie Long - for the amazing transformation of our brand

Many friends and advisers - for your support to my entrepreneurial journey 



Apr 27, 2017
Project launched


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