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Help Lacollectiondira launch its first stainless steel bottle design series while supporting two children's hospitals and get FREE shipping!


The Product and the Purpose

Lacollectiondira is a line of triple-walled 18/8 stainless steel water bottles designed with an inner layer of copper, with the function of keeping beverages hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. Not everyone finds the time to read an inspirational book or watch a motivational video, but people do take the time to fill their bottle with water, coffee, or other drink of their choice and they bring their bottle with them to the gym, to class, to their appointment, etc. Lacollectiondira bottles leverages people’s frequent use of stainless steel bottles by also exposing them to inspirational text featured on its bottles. The inspirational text acts as a daily mantra that encourages consumers to become conscious of their inner voice and thus, allows them to readjust their view and speech about themselves. People struggle with believing in themselves and these intentional affirmations on Lacollectiondira bottles will allow them to regain faith and confidence within themselves.




- Hydrate: good feeling starts from within

- Inspire & Empower: Lacollectiondira bottles build a different type of connection with its audience; the brand stands for authenticity, sensibility and vulnerability 

- Protection: protect the environment, protect your emotional space, protect your inner voice, protect your peace, protect your vibe


                                          Founded & created by a millennial! #goals 


Charity Support

A portion of the proceeds made by Lacollectiondira will be donated to the Stollery Children's Hospital as well as the Montreal’s Children Hospital in order to bring hope to children and families. A lot of the things we believe about ourselves start at childhood and as a brand, Lacollectiondira believes in protecting that inner child that lies within each one of us and that is still longing to be validated and is still asking for healing.


Rose Gold Collection

My goal is to launch Lacollectiondira online store starting with the rose gold bottle series. The rose gold collection will feature two designs: rose gold bottle with black text and rose gold bottle with gold text. The inspirational text that will be featured on these rose gold bottles will read: "I am the answered prayer of my ancestors and they count on me to use all of my potential and become the person that I meant to be". When I wrote those words, I wanted people in their lonely and unsure moments, to pull strength from all of those rooting for them dead or alive and to know that someone out there is whispering: "I see you, I'm here with you and I need you to be all that you can be". Lacollectiondira is all about that resilient spirit that pushes you to honor your potential. 


Why Crowdfunding & How You Can Support

Crowdfunding would allow me to introduce my new business to fellow Canadians while raisng the funds needed to cover production costs, conduct lab testing, build my online shop and buy supplies needed to fulfill shipment (label, printer, card reader, etc.). Raising more than the set goal would also allow me to expand into different design options!

  • Purchase one of the rewards for yourself, a family member, a friend, a colleague or your staff!
  • Invite people you know to the campaign page so they can choose among the reward options!
  • Follow Lacollectiondira on Instagram and Facebook!
  • Spread the word on your social media page!
  • Attend the launch celebration in Edmonton on November 23rd, RSVP and get your ticket through Eventbrite!


Please note*** You will be contacted via email or phone once I reach my goal to choose your rose gold bottle design option! For my dear Edmonton supporters, there will be a local pickup (TBD). 

Nov 18, 2018
Project launched


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