Breaking bread and connecting one meal at a time.

Calgary, Canada
Lanre Rahman


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MealBlvd is simple. It connects a host [someone with a table and food] with a guest [anyone seeking a unique meal and experience].


How it all started - We both grew up in families that were heavily involved in the restaurant and food business in Nigeria. Having moved to Canada to attend university, the greatest gift we received is how we were adopted into the different communities we lived in and how that has tremendously changed our lives through the individuals and connections that we made along the way.

MealBlvd was birthed from our innate desire to bring people together and make new friends along with our love for food allowed us to create a perfect union. We hope to bring our communities together one table at a time through shared experiences and amazing food.

What we are all about:

Meal Blvd is in the business of human connection. While we recognize the importance of food and space, what brings these elements to life is the human touch. Meal Blvd facilitates connection between food lovers that want to entertain and those that seek to experience.

Simply put; Break bread and connect!

What is the problem?

  • A gap in conventional dining and food variety.
  • A unique way for people to connect and leverage the potential within a community.

What is our solution?

  • Building a platform and participating in a community of sharing where anyone can host and/or be a guest and enjoy a meal over a table with other like minded people in their community. 
  • Establishing an ecosystem of partnerships with local businesses to enable our hosts to be successful by using local good/services to put up a fabulous event day after day. 
  • Helping give back to our community by supporting causes in our local community that are related to food provisions and hunger eradication for the less privilege.

Why do we need the money?

  • To develop a kickass social media campaign to promote the platform across Calgary and Alberta.

How can you help?

  • Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and help us spread the word among your circle.
  • You can help by supporting our campaign and allowing us to hire a kick-ass social media guru to take us to the next level.
  • With your support we can thank you through some of our partners and amazing stuff they have to share with you.
  • Lastly, and more importantly - we are passionate about giving back to causes within our community and have partnered with GoodPin to donate parts of the proceeds from our campaign to a few charitable causes on the GoodPin app.

What does success look like?

"All I can hope for is that someday, I read or hear that two strangers met over one of our hosts table and a union was born".



Oct 7, 2016
Project launched


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