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With your help, we want to bring Culture to Edmonton! Boocha is looking to expand our brewing capacity, & modernize bottling techniques.


All About That Boocha
Boocha is proudly Edmonton’s first locally brewed Kombucha. We wanted to create a kombucha that was more accessible to Edmontonians from all walks of life. Whether you are a yoga guru, office dweller, student or hockey parent we believe everyone can reap the health benefits of kombucha. Thus we ran with simple flavours with simple ingredients and taste great to any palette from regular kombucha drinkers to Boocha first timers. We want Boocha to be your go-to beverage for a pick me up, thirst quencher or soda replace. Plus, we think it mixes for some fantastic cocktails. We want everyone to Get Cultured!

Ok, so what is Kombucha?

Kombucha is an ancient cultured beverage made of tea and sugar. It contains bacteria and yeast which starts the culturing process when the tea and sugar mix. After the tea solution is cultured, it becomes effervescent and the end result contains live probiotic bacteria which has been widely studied to affect health in many ways including but not limited to gut health, mental clarity, weight loss and more.

The bacteria and yeast which cultures the solution are commonly called a “SCOBY” which means "symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast". Because most of the sugar is eaten by the SCOBY in the process, the end result makes for a healthier, lower-sugar-than-pop fizzy drink.

Boocha Flavours
Peach - The crowd favourite at City Market. The only thing that can be this juicy is biting into a fresh peach. Sorry, no hard pits or furry skin here!

Cherry - Think of eating cherries outside in the summer sun; we promise not to stain your mouth or hands!

Lavender - It started out as a feature flavour but it was too damn good to say goodbye to. Lightly floral and uniquely refreshing, lavender Boocha is a keeper.

Snozzberry- What started out as a mix-up at the Boocha factory has quickly turned into a new flavour sensation! Our ode to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Snozzberry is best described as a tart berry and definitely delicious.

Raw Beginnings
Where to begin? Two-thirds of the Boocha team were on a month-long adventure in Europe and exploring their favourite neighbourhood in Berlin when they came across a simple beer bottle. White labelled and branded only as “bier” it was something that stood out among the local beer scene as a distinctly Berlin beverage. We thought “this is just what Edmonton needs”.

Upon return to their hometown in Edmonton, the three founders of Boocha moved under the same roof in the eclectic Old Strathcona. Brian started stocking the fridge with this crazy drink called Kombucha. We were all hooked. The funky tea became a staple in our diets whether it was before a yoga practice,  after a night out, or when we felt a little under the weather.

Learning how the drink is made the trio saw an opportunity to use hobby beer and mead brewing experience to enhance their kombucha experience, After playing with some recipes we knew we had something special and set out to bring Boocha to The City of Edmonton. We set our sights on our favourite Farmers Market, City Market Downtown as a launch. Thanks to our DIY ethic from growing up around Edmonton’s punk scene and our collective eclectic skill sets we were able to do everything, with the exception of glass blowing, in-house. Brewmaster Byron’s goal was to take 200 bottles to the first market. We thought he was a little nutty but we wholeheartedly believed in the product so after a couple 4 am bottling sessions we pulled it off.

Then came opening day of the market. We sold out in 2 hours. As we scrawled a sold out sign on a 4 pack at 11 am we knew we had to follow this dream. Over the summer we found a second family among vendors and farmers market regulars and are still blown away by the support we have received from the community.

With such high demand from day one, the Boocha team saw that they were going to have to expand everything, and fast. Needing a facility big enough to meet the demand of our unique product Boocha set off to find a place that was just as unique to call home. In the fall of 2017, Boocha found themselves building a production space in the historic Starlite Room. As the cities most historic, unique venue and a place where the three of us witnessed many of our favourite bands play, we could not have dreamed of a more fitting location to set up shop. Plus SCOBY's love music and ours get to enjoy plenty of it in their new home.

Why Crowdfunding?
Now we need your help Edmonton, to bring Boocha to as many Yeggers as possible we would love to be able to expand our brewing capacity and modernize bottling techniques. Having Boocha on tap at your local watering hole is in our sights but we need the equipment so that your favourite beverage has the perfect amount of flavour, bubbles and of course probiotic goodness no matter where and in what format you enjoy it. And as much as we take pride in hand capping and labelling each bottle with love and care, our biceps would appreciate some automation.

Boocha was founded with a distinctly YEG DIY spirit and quite frankly we would prefer not to sell our souls down the North Saskatchewan. What better way to raise funds than directly from the community we love? Plus we get to give back some “culture”; delicious Boocha and other kick-butt rewards.

Our goal of $10,00 will allow us to grow a distinctly Edmonton beverage for everyone.

How you can help:

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• Spread the Word! Share with friends, family, and anyone that should know about Kombucha!  Tag, and Comment on our campaign and video!

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Jan 28, 2018
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