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Aliya Noorani


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Gluten-free, refined sugar-free and low carb desserts for the average joe who deserves desserts and doesn't want to feel like dirt.


What the heck is Blood Sweet & Tears?

Ever finish eating a slice of cheesecake or a cookie and ask yourself, "Why did I just do?!?". Right away you feel this wave of guilt and not good about yourself? Donut you worry! We got you covered at Blood Sweet & Tears!

 A line of gluten-free, refined sugar-free, low carb line of the desserts we all know and love without all the guilt.  

 Our mission is to provide consumers desserts and treats to satisfy their sweet tooth’s and feel happy even after they are done indulging in them.   


Who is Aliya and how did it all start?

  • Owner and Head Baker of Blood Sweet & Tears
  • Graduate of the Haskayne School of Business with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing from the University of Calgary
  • Lover of all things fitness 
  • Born in Dubai, UAE
  • Member of a family of eight wonderful humans
  • Suffered with clinical depression and anxiety in 2017 

It was September 2017 when things didn't feel the same anymore, I had a wonderful family, stellar friends, a god sent boyfriend, a high paying reputable job in a Fortune 500 company, had earned buckets of respect from my community, I was physically fit and thought I had it made. I did everything right like I was suppose to. Until everything seemed to change over night.

 I stopped lifting, stopped eating, stopped brushing my teeth, stopped showering, stopped praying, and stopped getting out of bed. I wasn't happy where I was with my career, another job that stopped serving me. If I kept quitting and failing at things and if life was just going to get harder from here then was it all really worth it? I wasn't going to be Aliya anymore if I quit then who was I? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

 So on November 29th 2017 after what felt like years of wondering why I was on this earth with no hope and no more reasons to fight, I gave up and the next thing I knew I was in the Peter Lougheed Centre in Calgary on a psychiatric unit thinking to myself, "What on earth did I do?"

 30 days in the hospital was the best thing that ever happened to me, it was then I realized the core of who I really was. I had been lying to myself for a very long time about the life I was leading, I wasn't living a life of passion, helping others like I wanted and thinking I was my job like it was my only identity, I thought if I didn't have a fancy title I could brag to others about that I was a worthless, good for nothing human being.

 After leaving the hospital on December 29th 2017, I didn't know what was going to happen next and for the first time didn’t have a plan, but all I knew was that I was going to do this for me this time.

 Fast forward to October 2018, I had not worked for an entire year, gained an extra 20 pounds from the medication I was prescribed and ironically was on the spin bike at home when I saw the documentary, The Magic Pill. A documentary about the ketogenic diet and that's when my diet changed everything and dropped all the weight. I had my friend Sabra tell me I looked great  and if I could meal prep for her the way I eat. I 've been watching Dragons Den since I was 17 and knew "one day" I'd be an entrepreneur so I bought all the groceries to prep with Sabra to tell me she wasn't interested anymore. With a jolt of frustration I put an ad on Kijiji and the rest was history, Keto Kompany YYC was born.

I had hit rock bottom once so what was going to happen if I took a shot on my dream?

With my meal prep service I learned that people really love food that makes them feel good but finding treats that satisfied their sweet tooth was non existent so in February 2019, Keto Kompany YYC had left the building and Blood Sweet & Tears took her place. 

 Having a feeling no one can understand is not a good feeling, very similar to when you treat yourself to feel a certain way and then feel completely the opposite like when we do when we indulge on desserts.

Desserts have the power to do that to us, at first we are pumped to eat a slice of cake, but when we are done eating them, we feel like terrible people. Why should cheesecake make us feel like that? Why does eating one cookie make us want to work out for an hour afterwards? 

We all deserve desserts that don't make us feel like dirt.


 Why do I need you?

I've boot strapped Keto Kompany YYC and now Blood Sweet & Tears in its entirety but in order to grow so I can serve all of your sweet tooth’s I need your help!

1. Orders are pouring in and to expand, I'll need a few bad-ass bakers who can help me out.

2. Getting into retail and packaging is not as easy as pie (LOL get it? Sorry I’ll stop) and the machinery needed to package my goods can’t come with me paying others in cookies anymore. So I’ll need your help with purchasing the equipment I need so we can bring BST to a store near you!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for reading my story and watching my video!

1. I hope you can support me by contributing to my campaign! Be sure to check back as I'll be updating the rewards every few days!

2. Please like and share my video on your platforms so we can bring BST to a pantry near you and indulge in the desserts we all know and love without the guilt!





Mar 1, 2019
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