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Himani Singh


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Local, organic, handmade traditionally in small batches on a slow open flame. Ayurveda's healthiest fat! More than just clarified butter.


Our Story

Having worked in organic stores for several years, Himani’s passion for health and sustainable living has always grown with time. She has always incorporated her inherited traditional Ayurvedic food knowledge in her cooking because she strongly believes that traditional foods when followed in totality has immense power to heal our body.

As our daughter turned one and the family income cut down to one person, we were looking to do something that really inspires us. One day, a friend of ours who has always loved Himani’s cooking called us to tell that she has gifted her ghee to a colleague and that she loved it and would like to order more. That was the moment we realized this is what we want to create and offer to the community. 


The Miracle of Ghee – Elixir of Life

Ghee, the golden elixir of Ayurveda is an oil with a long and interesting history. It is made from butter, but has gone through a clarification process which strips away the parts of butter that are the most difficult to digest, such as lactose, casein and whey proteins. It is a real Slow Food - purely natural, without industrial processing, and without any additives. Ayurveda has always recommended using ghee instead of butter, oil and grease. It has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda for cooking as well as therapeutically, both internally and externally.

Our ghee is made in a traditional and very authentic manner that gives it a unique, distinct flavour. We maintain very high standards in making our ghee. When you dip your spoon into the jar to spread ghee on a toast or add it to a sauté pan, you can be rest assured that you are introducing high quality oil into all of your cells. In Ayurveda, ghee – especially when made from local, organic, grass fed, unsalted butter is the purest essence of the earth element.

Use it daily in your cooking, for health, longevity and a happy soul!


Why Crowdfunding

We need your support! We have put in a lot of hard work in making this local authentic ghee, now we would like you to boost us so that we can grow and offer our ghee to the wider community. Our next step is to build our own kitchen space and increase our production capacity. A successful campaign will also allow us to make our product available in Blushlane organic markets.

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Mar 1, 2019
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