Basic Construction Production Company Ltd presents Project X

Calgary, Canada
Joe and Dan Willis


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Support requested to reopen Project X an immersive entertainment experience. Collection of 9 Haunted Houses, 3 Mazes, & new Haunted Forest.


Through a series of bizarre events the Basic Construction Production Company is pleased to proudly present Project X. One night only, on the outskirts of town Saturday, October 27, 2018. Project X is a unique immersive haunted entertainment experience. Project X isn’t for the faint of heart, those who complete this PG-13 encounter feel the fear and accept Project X’s senses on high alert challenge. It is hard to put into words what the broad experience of Project X, though it is safe to say that after completing Project X you will never have felt so alive.

Attendance is limited to less than 3.5% attendees the last time Project X was in Calgary. We are practically offering a private viewing as the smaller the group the scarier Project X is. Also, please remember when choosing ticket times, the later you come the more terrifying Project X gets.

Not only will you be a part of a select few who get to be immersed in the Project X experience your support creates well-paying jobs that are designed to respect your space, amuse, and entertain you. Project X is a major undertaking and we are going to great lengths to deliver to you the ultimate haunting experience.

Project X is a bold show that is more thrills and chills than blood and guts, though we are proud to say some stuff is pretty disgusting. Since August it is amazing what has been uncovered. We have been running with a crew of about 9 people and there is still much to be done and many more people there to cater to your frightening enjoyment. We think that you will recognize the effort and enthusiasm that has been expended for your howling at the moon entertainment experience.

With your backing, we can bring the entire collection to light for the first time ever, all 9 Haunted Trailers Including, mummies, “the Borg”, the haunted library, and more! As well as 3 Mazes, will finally be shown in their entirety along with the newest addition of a Haunted Forest and “murder cabin” (cue chainsaws).

Sep 27, 2018
Project launched


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