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How about a cocktail with a view ? We need your help to get BarCntry’s premium dehydrated cocktail mixers into your pack !



We just reached our initial goal and there's a lot of time left on the clock, help us reach our stretch goal of $10,000. We needed the initial $5,000 to put into production our first 3 dehydrated cocktails, but we have 4 more dehydrated cocktails that we would love to share with you. Each of them require a minimum of $2,000 to develop. Help us quit the bar industry and fully realize this dream ! We need your help ! 

Together, we can accomplish great things. Live BarCntry 

Thank you so much for the love so far, keep it coming !! 

      ****Special offer ending 08/12/2016 @10pm MDT****

    Get "The Classic" reward and we will had a unique branded flask, FOR FREE !!!

What you need to know 

What our product is :

We provide dehydrated cocktail mixers, therefore non-alcoholic. It's a multi-ingredient cocktail in a powdered form to which you add water and your favourite spirit to create a premium cocktail ! 

What's a 6-pack sampler:

- 2 dehydrated Margritas

- 2 dehydrated Ceasars

- 2 dehydrated Old Fashioneds

Our cocktails are a reward for chasing the adventure, for being outside in the first place. We are here to make time for simple things, slowing down life one cocktail at a time. 


Sroll down and learn more about BarCntry

The inception of BarCntry 

BarCntry started as a means to serve two growing industries in Alberta and indeed, all over the world. Simply put, Albertans love cocktails and we love being outside. We make it possible to have a premium cocktail on your adventures without having to carry and mix all the ingredients. After six months of heavy research and development, we came up with a brilliant, light weight dehydrated solution that allows you to enjoy a cocktail while still observing the greatest view of the day. By combining our knowledge of mixology with a dedication and love for the outdoors, we were able to create a product the world has yet to see. 


The purpose of BarCntry

Here at BarCntry we started with the simple goal of getting people outside and rewarding those who are already out there adventuring. We want this product to encourage you to take time in the busy lives that you lead to appreciate yourself, your accomplishments and your efforts. Our cocktails are a reward for chasing the adventure, for being outside in the first place. We are here to make time for simple things, slowing down life one cocktail at a time. We are two simple guys from opposite sides of Canada but together we have seen so much positive influence from the outdoors and from the creativity that mixing cocktails provides. For a lot of reasons, coming up with these dehydrated cocktail mixers was a way to tip our hats to the amazing people we have both met in Alberta. Really, this is our gift to you and it came from countless hours of work and dedication. One day we would love to see this product available across Canada for all of us to share. 

Please enjoy and do so responsibly. Always be aware of your environment.


Why a crowdfunding campaign?

For this crowdfunding campaign we are asking for $5000. That is $5000 hard working dollars provided to us from people who have all dreamt as big as we do. For us, the last year was spent not only creating BarCntry Dehydrated Cocktails but also was spent realizing more and more each day that we both want to do something we love; we want to make an impact. We now come to you, our fellow adventurers, so that we may secure our first order of ingredients and eco-friendly packages. The hard work and research has been done so that the money provided will immediately be put towards getting our product into your pack; and heck if you don't have funds to spare right now we totally get it! By sharing our video with your friends, families and co-workers you would also be doing a world of good to have this dream come true.


From us to you

Coming from simple beginnings ourselves we absolutely understand that you work hard for your income and are careful with how you spend it. That is why, to show our appreciation, we have come up with a list of incredible and exclusive prizes to give away as part of our crowdfunding campaign including the chance to see your very own favourite cocktail dehydrated and in stores for 2017.

Thank you for reading this far and for your support, we couldn't be more grateful. 

We are working hard on getting this product to you, in the meantime, don't forget to take time to reward yourself.


Cheers !

Mathieu Plamondon and Kole Kuntz

Co-founders of BarCntry Dehydrated Cocktails.



Nov 18, 2016
Project launched


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