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Socially Conscious + Ethically Sourced + Creation Minded // We're not just about tasting better—we're about making our communities better.


Vision Statement 


Lavish Bakery helps restore and grow our city by connecting people to healthy food, their community, our environment, and meaningful employment. We are committed to ethical sourcing because we believe we were created to love and care for each other, including our living, breathing environment. By sourcing our ingredients from local, organic grocers and farmers and our labour from local social services serving individuals facing barriers, we invite Calgarians to be part of restoring and strengthening the ecosystem that sustains us all. 


Mission Statement 


Kneading love into our city using only the finest ingredients:



  • Fresh Bread | Handmade and freshly baked 

  • Meaningful Employment | Empowering individuals facing barriers with living wages 

  • Sustainability | Ingredients sourced from local, organic growers and suppliers 

  • Access | Eliminating barriers to fresh, healthy food 


Business Description 


Lavish Bakery is a social venture that helps restore and grow the social-economic fabric of our city through serving handcrafted artisan breadWe are passionate and committed to nurturing the world around us so it becomes a more hopeful and vibrant place for everyone. We believe that investing in the margins of our society and economy builds resiliency in our communities and strengthens our city as a wholeThat is why we partner with social service agencies to provide individuals facing barriers with meaningful employment at a living wage, and source our ingredients from local grocers and farmers. 


We also believe that taking care of our environment is a key part of building healthy, sustainable communities. We use organic ingredients when available and are committed to environmentally friendly packaging and processes. Through learning the importance of taking better care of our environment, we also learn the importance of taking better care of each other. 


As Lavish Bakery grows and builds capital, a portion of profits will be reinvested to address food insecurity within Calgary communities in a dignified way. The strategy centers on subsidizing the price of our freshly baked, organic products and delivering to tipping-point neighborhoods where financial and physical barriers exist to accessing healthy food.  


As Calgary's first social venture bakery, we believe individuals facing barriers deserve the same access to fresh, healthy bread and meaningful employment as anyone else in Calgary. 


During the first year of operation, our products will be sold at local farmers’ markets in communities that support local businesses and value social engagement. In our second year we will pursue a more permanent, year-round location either by opening our own storefront or a food truck. Our growth strategy will include both a storefront and a food truck by our third year of operation.    


Product Description 


Lavish Bakery handcrafts artisan bread inspired by the community around it. We begin with our love for the fresh baked bread we grew up with, and add to that the flavors we learn from people we meet that are from different cultures and traditions. We are also learning from local farmers about the natural growing cycle of the land we live on. As we introduce new flavors, we also want to be informed by what our land is growing for us in each season. 


We also take great care in how our products are presented. They are beautifully handcrafted to reflect the quality of ingredients we use and knowing that each product is going to a unique person with a unique story. We believe everyone deserves the best. We also package our products using natural and environmentally friendly materials, such as soy-based wax paper and twine made with natural fibers. Creation is our muse, and its inspiration is woven throughout each product from the beginning of production to the final, packaged product.

Apr 4, 2016
Project launched


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