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Good Knights Entertainment is building the Bagg Inn Burrows and wants your help in bringing these to market in 2018.


 Good Knights  Entertainment - Bagg Inn Burrows


Who are we?

Daniel and Linda Smith are the owners and operators of Good Knights Entertainment Ltd. They both have a long-standing interest in medieval and Middle Earth that dates back to high school where they met. They traveled to England together on a high school trip and fell in love with castles and medieval history. About the same time they discovered the world of Middle Earth and the writings of JRR Tolkien - reading first 'the Hobbit' and then 'the Lord of the Rings'. These two books and the first-hand experiences with medieval history influenced them over their entire adult lives. Their interest in these have grown and matured, and culminated in starting a business in 2010 dedicated to medieval entertainment and education: Good Knights Entertainment Ltd.


 What are we doing?

We are building a unique destination venue for guests with an interest in medieval and Middle Earth - unlike anything else available. The first phase of this, the Good Knights Medieval Encampment, was built this past Spring and opened to guests in June 2017. The second phase, the Bagg Inn Burrows, will open in 2018 with several (initially 2-3) luxurious underground burrows. The third phase of the development will be the Bagg Inn, a larger country inn (6-12 rooms) set firmly between the worlds of Middle Earth and medieval. This will be built sometime after 2018. Supporting these three phases of the park are two feast halls, an archery range, a dining room, a store, and three stages (including an outdoor amphitheatre).


 Why are doing this?

We are passionate about what we do and we enjoy hosting guests and sharing our love of medieval and Tolkien. We have been hosting a moderate-sized medieval festival every year for the past 10 years and putting on regular medieval (and other themed) feasts throughout the year. We also have the perfect hillside to build our burrows.


 Business Overview

Good Knights Entertainment Ltd. currently offers medieval camping ('glamping') that is totally unique in North America. We have 5 large and luxuriously appointed medieval tents for our guests to rent on a bed and breakfast basis. In addition, guests get to dress the part with period costumes and cloaks, and they can participate in various medieval activities - such as long-bow archery and medieval crafts. We have had a steady stream of guests all summer, and we currently have a 5-bullet rating on Trip Advisor (vacation rentals)

We offer medieval feasts for our guests and the public - with multiple courses and entertainment - in one of our two feast halls. We also offer special themed events - such as birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

Next year we will be launching a new and exciting venture - the Bagg Inn Burrows - themed accommodation in underground burrows inspired by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.


 What are we building?

We are building several underground / hillside burrows for guests to stay in. Each burrow will be a modest-sized (approx 400 sq ft) earth-bermed cottage built into the hillside, complete with the iconic round doors and windows, barrel ceilings, a sod roof, and a private garden outside of each unit. The insides will be richly finished with wood paneling, tile floors, and comfortable furniture. Each unit will have a unique design and individual flair. Our initial designs include a bedroom, sitting room (with a fireplace), and a kitchenette off of a main hallway, with a private bath off the bedroom and hallway. All of the burrows will be wheelchair accessible - as are all of our buildings and facilities on our site. Each unit will accommodate 2 adults in the bedroom and up to two children or one adult on a pullout bed in the sitting room. Prices will be based on double occupancy.


 Why are we crowd funding?

We invested a substantial amount of our own money into the first phase of our development. We want to proceed with the next phase - the Bagg Inn Burrows - as soon as we can, as we know that these will be popular and will bring us a sustainable year-round source of revenue.

We know that we will have borrow money to fund most of the capital costs of building the burrows. We estimate that these will cost us in the order of $50 K each to build. We are looking for additional capital to help finish the engineering and accelerate the time lines for building the first of the burrow. If the campaign is really successful, this could go a long ways to helping us to move ahead sooner on the second and third units as well. 


 What do you get out of this?

By supporting our campaign and sharing this with your friends and colleagues, you get to be a part of our success. First of all you will get our everlasting gratitude. Secondly, you will get some really great rewards. You get the chance to be one of the first to be able to stay in our Bagg Inn Burrows. We are offering a number of smaller rewards, but our main rewards will be a stay for a night or two in one of our burrows next year. Because we are already operating the Good Knights Medieval Encampment, we can also offer rewards that include stays in one of our deluxe medieval tents ('glamping') or tickets to one of our fabulous medieval feasts.


Thank you and we hope to see you out at our site next year.



Oct 6, 2017
Project launched


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