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Big flavour and easy drinking Albertan craft beer with retro-gamer flair. You can support our Pilot System for recipe testing/contract brews


What is Analog Brewing Company?

Analog Brewing Company will be an Albertan Craft Brewery focusing on highly flavorful, low alcohol, easy drinking beers. We have a three pronged strategy to ensure maximized market share; retail sales, restaurant contract brewing, and wedding packages. We plan to launch early in 2018 and expand throughout the Albertan market over the next 5 years. 

Our packaging and branding is inspired by retro video games, which are currently undergoing a resurgence in popularity and inspire nostalgia. We will focus our imagery on video game and arcade culture as a generation of gamers has become largely a generation of craft beer advocates. This imagery can already be seen in our corporate logo as well as in the names we have chosen for the core beers we will have at launch:

  • Ready Paler One New England Pale Ale
  • In Another Castle Peach IPA
  • Hive Bomber Honey Wheat
  • Power Up Porter

Beyond our marketing and branding, Analog Brewing Company will also focus on becoming a fixture within the community through charity involvement, sponsorship and support of local sports and recreation leagues and participation in Edmonton’s festival culture.


What is the Boostr Supporting?

We are crowdfunding for our Pilot System. This will be a small-scale brewery system that will complement our larger production system. The Pilot System will be used to do custom-designed beers with a lower minimum order, such as for local restaurants, weddings, and special events.

Are you a restaurant owner? We can work with you to design a beer that perfectly complements your signature dish.

Are you planning a special event or a wedding that needs an extra special touch? We can work with you to design the perfect beer to make your event memorable.

Nov 9, 2017
Project launched


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