AMOS SMITH clothing label: a "WE hustle in heels" initiative

Grande Prairie, Canada
Ejibola Adetokunbo-Taiwo


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Pre-order our 1st clothing label "Amos Smith" - handmade by Immigrant Canadian women (A W.E Hustle in Heels" project - an MBA initiative)


Our Story

By leveraging ATB crowdfunding and their long term skilled craft - sewing, W.E Hustle in Heels (an MBA initiative) connects immigrant women in Canada to remote contractor work opportunities in the fashion industry as Tailors. A lot of the immigrant women who in their native countries provide tailor-made services abandone such craft immediately they relocate to Canada; not by self-will but because that craft of workmanship isn't the immediate job skill that Canada is seeking for. Some women are forced to be homemakers while some had to start all over again in a different field totally new to them which isn't as filfulling as what they've grown up with. Our aim is to become the go-to place for proudly made in Canada women sleep wear and accessories made by women for women. Our goal is to be one of Canada's leading manufacturer providing tailor-made service to clothiers within Canada and worldwide. The women will be producing the "Amos Smith" clothing label - starting with women's night gowns, robes and hair bonnets under Made by Africans's empowerment initiative called "WE hustle in heels (for long: Women Entrepreneurs hustle in heels) which took off this January 2019, please visit our website to learn more about our empowerment events/initiative. The sale of the Amos Smith clothing after the ATB's crowdfunding will be solely on the Made by Africans website; however, we also aim to deal with small, medium and large retail outlets to house those pieces on wholesale basis (we look forward to great business collaboration and partnership agreement that would emerge from this crowdfunding activity). The commencement of the Amos Smith label will depend on the outcome of our BoostR campaign. Hopefully, Canadian, especially Albertans can help make this dream a reality by supporting this unique and maiden initiative. When a woman is supported, great things happen! Our dream is bigger than us but with your help and reward purchase you make today, we know we can achieve the dream!!!


Who are We?

...We would like to be a tribe of immigrant women that when we come together, we design, create and manufacture beautiful sleep, bath and outdoor clothings for the modern day woman.


Our Mission

To be the go-to place for proudly made in Canada women sleep wear, bath and accessories made by women for women.


Why BoostR

Crowdfunding will help us kick start our first production line. We do have the sample of our first collection designed and made by one of the women: four gowns, four robes and four 2-way reversible use hair bonnet (see video). The pre-order we get from this BoostR will enable us purchase the materials needed in bulk, get some equipments to start production. And above all, the publicity that comes with the success of the BoostR will sure lift us up hopefully to the right retail outlets we pray that would house our robes, gowns and bonnets.



You get rewards that are carefully handmade to make you sleep beautifully and to wake up sexy. You get rewards that are handmade in Canada to boost the Canadian economy. You also get reward as an investor. You get rewarded for making a woman's dream come true.



**By supporting AMOS SMITH, you're supporting someone's dream to pursue their passion and to strive in Canada. By supporting us and by referring a friend/family/colleagues to this crowdfunding, you're giving hope to an Immigrant Women to strive in her craft;

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**Dispatch of rewards will be shipped out 3months after goal is reached, this is because products are all carefully handmade with ultimate details to give you a great value for your contribution.

**Please note that the fabric with the pattern on it was sourced with the hope that our suppliers will still have the fabric in bulk when we wish to puchase. If the supplier runs out of those fabric with patterns on them, we will go for the closest fabric pattern to produce the items. We will indeed communicate this to you via email if need be. Note that the plain fabric will not change whatsoever, that can be purchased easily. Also, the design of the robe, gown, bonnet remains the same too. Only the fabric with pattern is subject to change (if necessary).


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Feb 1, 2019
Project launched


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