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Alvigere seeks to be a catalyst in the movement towards a more diversified corporate Calgary through re-engineering how we use office space.


Alvigere seeks to be a catalyst in the movement towards a more diversified corporate Calgary through re-engineering how we use office space.


Alvigere is a benefits service whose mission is to provide an engaging workplace within the vacant spaces in the Calgary downtown core through the implementation of amenities which reflect that of the Silicon Valley giants such as Google, Facebook, and Uber. Our goal is to introduce things like nap pods, open space concepts, controlled lighting, healthy food choices, and NO innovation draining cubicles as our business grows. We want there to be space available in every office building where employees feel empowered and desire to do their best. By providing these services locally, Alvigere aims to keep current companies in the downtown core, while drawing in new and vibrant businesses to encourage economic stimulation and industry diversification. Calgary has relied on the oil and gas sector for years, but in this economic downturn, now is the time to attract tech and other companies to help shape Calgary into becoming the next Silicon Valley.


The service will be sold in a subscription model to surrounding companies. Any company will be able to purchase a plan for their employees billed on a monthly basis. Since we are working with business, each sale can be customized to the need of the employer. If they want the service for all their employees, we will charge them a flat rate for each employee. Once scaled, we believe we will be able to offer our service at a rate competitive with a gym membership.


Our main clientele would consist of Medium to Large organizations downtown. The beneficiary of our services goes much farther beyond just the executive teams, however. We are a B2B (Business-to-Business) provider, but we will have available options for individual memberships.


The benefits of our services stem into many different fields. Here are a few:

  • Vacancy rates decrease.

  • Organizations produce better quality work.

  • Employees benefit from a better space and become more effective.

  • The downtown core becomes more vibrant.

  • Reduce the number of startups leaving.

  • Corporate culture diversifies.


The money we raise from this campaign will go towards funding our initial test phase, the materials and space it requires, as well as staff, needed to make this test possible. This test will allow us to record data regarding customer satisfaction, financial metrics, and it will allow us to receive the desired feedback to refine our business model. Once this initial test phase is complete, Alvigere will be on its way to becoming a company with a strong presence in the city.


Mar 1, 2017
Project launched


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