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You can help us empower disadvantaged women in Calgary to rise above poverty through our 'give back' program and expanded jewelry line.


About Alora and This Campaign


I'm Jameela and I am here to tell you a bit about Alora and the way you can help support our Calgary-based social entrepreneurship business! 

About Alora jewelry

My mother {Emilyn} and I make all the jewelry using recycled materials and fair trade glass beads from Ghana. We typically work with recycled brass that is created using a technique called loss-wax casting. Each piece of jewelry has a symbolic and positive meaning attached to it - love, forgiveness, family, and believing – so that you (our customer) can be reminded of your values and your intentions each time you wear it.

Many times our customers will tell us that they bought a piece of jewelry for a friend that was going through a tough time, or that they purchased it for a young woman who was graduating from high school or university. They always let us know that the gift was received with a warm hug.

We create jewelry that touches people's hearts and souls: Jewelry that will stay with people forever as a reminder that life is full of good and bad times, but as long as you set a positive intention, life is beautiful.

Why Should you care?

  • Each piece has a positive intention attached to it so that you can be reminded of the things you care about and live a life driven by purpose
  • Your purchase helps to empower disadvantaged women and children rise above poverty. We partner with two local charities: the Mustard Seed and YWCA to help fund initiatives. In addition to this, twice a year we host free events and workshops for female guests of the YWCA and the mustard seed. Not only do these workshops teach the women new skills, they also help them recognize that they matter too.
  • By using recycled materials to handcraft our pieces; your support helps divert waste from landfills and respect the planet by making it more eco-friendly.

Where will your money go?

We are looking to do two things:

  1. Expand our social programs
  2. Create a new line of jewelry using recycled silver

Expanding Social Programs

We currently run two programs a year for disadvantaged women in Calgary. The first is around Mother's Day and the second at Christmas time. We typically host a jewelry making a workshop for the women during these times. These workshops empower the women by providing them with a new skill set and inspiring them to create something meaningful.

Many times the women are so grateful that someone would take the time out of their day to teach them the basic skills of jewelry making and share their time with them. At these classes, we provide all the materials and tools that they need to create a piece of jewelry. We also let them take home the tools so that, if they choose to, they can start making jewelry themselves!

My mother and I started making jewelry after taking a class. While that class cost us quite a bit of money, we understand that not every woman has the resources to take expensive classes. We don't think that money should be a barrier to new opportunities, and that is why we like to expand our give back program.

Right now we fund all of our programs with a mixture of personal money and business profits. During Mother's Day and Christmas, we create a special line and donate between $5 and $10 from each piece sold to organizations such as the YWCA or the Mustard Seed. We would like to host these events once a quarter, if not more. With the additional funding, we can host better and more frequent workshops.

We will expand our giveback program in three ways

  • host a give-back program at least once a quarter
  • provide additional safety tools and materials to attendees
  • provide a "portable" workshop with advanced tools for attendees to use

Expand our line - Recycled Silver

At the moment, we only work with recycled brass using loss-wax casting. Our customers have expressed that they would like to see our designs in silver too. In order to work with silver, we need to use new techniques and have different tools. 

We are planning on launching a new silver line in the fall and we will be using a portion of the money to create this new line. The new silver line will help us meet customer demand provide an additional stream of revenue. This additional revenue will help expand our social programs and help us achieve our long-term plan of employing disadvantaged women.

The Long Term Plan

The long-term plan for Alora is to hire disadvantaged women in Calgary to help us make our jewelry! We want to be an employer that pays great wages to the people we live with. In the meantime, we want to empower women to create their own destiny. Right now we do that through our workshops, but we know we can do so much more. And you can help us do it!


Apr 4, 2016
Project launched


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