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Karen Anderson


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If you'd travel across town to try new food - you're a food traveller (our peeps) and we want to help you enjoy Alberta's bounty to the max.


Food tourism is the fastest growing sector in the hospitality industry. We’ve been pioneering food tours in Alberta for 10 years but I realize you might not know what a food tour is so I'm happy to explain.

Our business model bundles adventures for food lovers so that guests enjoy great food, fun and adventure on walking and tasting tours of neighbourhoods with a professional tour leader who shares entertaining stories of the local history, arts and culture over the 2 – 3 hour time frame. 

We believe that the purpose of commerce is to serve our community and that profitable businesses contribute viability and long-term sustainability of communities. Here's an example of our potential impact!

  •                In Calgary last year we partnered with 44 vendors directly and recommended another 50 through our written tour keepsakes
  •        We created 6 well-paying part-time jobs for tour leaders
  •                We put $10,000/month into the local economy 
  •                That was with 100 tours and 1000 guests
  •                Each dollar spent in the local economy generates 6 more 
  •                Suddenly our $10,000/month becomes $60,000 because we’ve carefully chosen partners (chefs, restaurants, food artisans and markets) who source from Alberta’s farmers and therefore we support hospitality, food and agriculture with our tours.
  •                There are 33 million tourism visits in the province annually
  •                5 million people visit our Rocky Mountain National Parks
  •                Imagine if we can convince 20,000 - 30,000 of them (each year) to not just land at our international airports and head west!
  •                Imagine if they decide to explore Edmonton, Canmore and Calgary through our food tourism offerings
  •                They'll book hotel rooms and eat three meals a day
  •                AND - if we can offer them a food tour, they'll CONNECT with our community, savour our amazing Alberta produce and understand more about our daily life, art, history and culture
  •                We think they'll most certainly love this place as much as we do and want to return time and again.
  •                We believe that within a few years we can grow to hire 20 times the staff and pay millions of dollars into Alberta's economy as we grow to reach our ultimate targets.
  •                We represent growth in well-paying tourism jobs
  •                We add value to and create a food culture with our one-to-one interactions with guests and with the media exposure we earn for our province.

Funds are needed for the following:

  •                Extensive web development required to run the four websites needed for this enterprise
  •                Rebranding with talented designers who will keep us looking spiffy
  •                Travel, scouting, research, writing, editing, marketing, printing, training of guides and hiring an operations manager 

What’s in it for you?

Our rewards are real and meaningful - recipes, cookbooks, gift certificates, discounts and serious feasting. Check them out in the side box. Just like our company, they’re filled with food, fun and adventure.

Boost us now - please and thank you.

We are dedicated to creating value for the food of Alberta through our brand of food tourism and story telling. This boost of funds will help us realize our dream and you'll get to join us for some food, fun and adventure in three spectacular Alberta food destinations - Calgary, Canmore and Edmonton.

Thank you for the boost. 

Apr 1, 2016
Project launched


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