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Victor Tientcheu


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Farmers and their families need support. Agrotrade Canada builds a direct approach with Albertans to bring high quality Coffee to Canadians.


Agrotrade Canada is a social oriented company. We harvest, and buy amazing coffee from extremely helpless farmers in Western Africa then import it into Alberta and the Canadian market. In everything we do, we believe in celebrating the riches of our soil and its artisans. We celebrate those riches by making products that are healthy, invigorating and inspiring.

For many years, I have seen my own family and many communities across the region struggle to survive with less than $1 a day while the cost of living rises rapidly. As many young people of my generation, I left Africa many years ago seeking a better life. I found a blessed and wonderful country: Canada where a cup of coffee can cost up to $3. Community’s across Africa continue to lose many people at an early age, crossing the Mediterranean sea, seeking for a better life in Europe, deserting villages and towns to cities with no hope.

I felt that I had to do something. I founded Agrotrade Canada to share the love Albertans have with coffee, and give back to local communities in Africa with the opportunity they deserve.

During the last three years, Agrotrade has provided fertilizer to farmers, obtained coffee and cocoa exportation license for exportation and to important dangerous Products such as fertilizer, rehabilitated some abandoned coffee farms by supply working capital to farmers, built Arabica and robust factories to enhance the value of the farmer coffee and produced a high quality product, trained farmers to strengthen their assets and to consider the environmental impact of the activities for future generations, created jobs for women and young people, and boosted local famers income.

Farmers and their families need support beyond their finances.  Agrotrade Canada is developing a direct approach with Albertans. We need your support. We need crowdfunding to go beyond the financial aspect. At Agrotrade Canada, we believe that a business must have a strong social responsibility. In order to enhance significantly the conditions of workers and farmers, we need to give good and fair compensation to farm workers: (Women, young) who help with the harvest on the farm, buy coffee from farmers at a fair, price, and bring inventory to Canada.

The funds we raise will go directly to these projects, so we can help more farmers and more communities, while delivering a great product to Albertans.

How You Can Help? We ask that you support our ATB BoostR campaign because every dollar directly affects farmers and the place they live. Share on your social media or tell all your friends and family about our campaign. Lastly, like and follow Us: Learn more about it and join our communities on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Thank you.

Oct 25, 2017
Project launched


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