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Help local artists get connected to local businesses, and homeowners, faster. Let's grow the arts community in YYC together!



The owner and curator of Ad Artis art rental, Talia Murchie has a mission to make local art more accessible, and affordable for Calgarian businesses, and home owners. 

It all started when Talia brainstormed the idea in a university course, to have a platform for local artists, to build their network, get exposure, and generate sales. After speaking to her friends in the art community, there was a consensus that if you do not have the network, having your work shown off, is difficult at best. Talia saw the need for another platform, or rather… service, that helped local artists. Several months later... Ad Artis was created

Ad Artis enhances Calgary businesses, and homes, by supplying them with high quality, local, artwork, through the service of rental. Rental can be short term, or long term, depending on your needs - with the artwork being curated to what you want. With long term rental, artwork is switched out every thirty days to keep spaces from becoming stagnant. This creates the opportunity for more local artwork to be showcased, and if you fall in love with a piece of artwork - we will help you purchase it. 

Ad Artis welcomes all artists. As long as you have a portfolio that you are proud of, we will show your work. 

With Talia now exploring the opportunity to open a gallery, many exciting changes are happening. Ad Artis is expanding its clientele base, artist base, and even toying with the idea of merchandise.


Why Crowdfunding?

As James Cash Penney once said "Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together". Ad Artis views crowdfunding this way. There is no way we will be successful on our own, we want to connect with the Calgarian community to get validation about what Ad Artis is doing, and to gain funding to cover essential overhead costs. 

 With your backing, Ad Artis will be able to support more local artists by connecting them with local businesses and homeowners. This will be done by increasing marketing efforts while expanding our reach into new markets, supporting the artists involved in this campaign, and to continue to validate the impact of art within these spaces. 

 I’m Talia Murchie, a Calgary entrepreneur looking to spark creativity and connection by fostering relationships between local businesses and homeowners with Calgary’s incredible artists. Help me continue to make connections by sharing this with your community, and check out the goods below while you’re here! 



Feb 24, 2017
Project launched


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