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We have compounded an anti-inflammatory formula with the right ratio of ingredients to provide relief from symptoms of IBS and leaky gut!


Currently a staggering 15% of the population suffers needlessly with symptoms of IBS and Leaky Gut!


Dr. Christian Turbide, is a leading gastroenterologist who understands that gut integrity is key to restoring and maintaining health in the body.


Dr. Turbide himself suffered from IBS and reversed it through a process that has now become our online program and our custom supplement. He collaborated with Adrian Rodriguez who is a scientist and supplement expert. They formulated an effective compound that provides real and lasting results.


Dr. Turbide’s Gut Health Formula is an anti-inflammatory compound that has the right ratio of ingredients to provide relief from symptoms of IBS and leaky gut while your gut repairs.


Studies show that both L-Glutamine and zinc decrease intestinal permeability or leaky gut while DGL soothes the pain as the intestinal wall repairs. 


Dr. Turbide has been prescribing this formula to his patients and here's what they have to say....


“It’s been transformational, I feel like I’m a regular person! It’s a game changer.”

- Liz


“I’ve improved significantly. I’m on my healing journey!”

- Olga


“Gut health is a priority, it is an absolute priority! Could not recommend more than a million and trillion times over what these guys are doing because if I had known it two years ago, I would be in a whole different place right now. I'm so thankful they are sharing their calling, message and passion with the world because we need this. We really need to know this stuff!


I believe 100% in Dr. Turbide' Gut Health Formula.He treated me for over a year after a lifetime of constipation. I am 72 yrs. and now have a regular healthy gut for the first time in my life.



We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting this product. The contributions from ATB BoostR will go directly into manufacturing this product so that we can extend the healing potential beyond the patients Dr. Turbide treats in clinic. This formula will be made available to the public. 


Help us change lives!



Apr 26, 2017
Project launched


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