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Find MSc, PhD and post-doc academic positions, a massive database of university professors and higher education consultancy on zebelle.com.


Zebelle Ltd has created an online platform for the academia (www.zebelle.com). On Zebelle, professors who are searching for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows post their academic vacancies and define the requirements. Student members of Zebelle, directly apply for the positions. Zebelle automatically ranks the applicants and provides the list to the professors. 

We provide three services to students who are considering continuing their educations and academic career at higher levels (MSc, PhD and post-doctoral). One of the major challenges that graduate studies applicants encounter during the process of application, is limited access to information about available vacancies in different universities. This problem is more pronounced in North America, as professors or a group of professors are commonly in charge of hiring graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.

Zebelle Ltd has also created an expanding database of university professors. Students, professors and researchers can easily search professors in this database based on their name, location, university department, and most importantly, their research interests. The database currently includes the information of over 15,000 professors in the US, Canada and Australia.

The third service Zebelle provides to students, is a consultancy service, which is the only service which is not free of charge. Students can schedule 30-minute consultancy sessions with Zebelle’s advisors to discuss their educational options.

Zebelle is aiming to be the gateway to academic opportunities.

The purpose of this crowdfunding campaign is to expand our coverage of universities so Zebelle users can have access to opportunities in different parts of the world. Zebelle will also spend a part of this funding to expand the professors database which is available to all users. 



Oct 1, 2016
Project launched


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