30 Before Thirty

Edmonton, Canada
James Jackins


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30 before Thirty is a mobile app in development that brings young individuals together to foster a vibrant community of new experiences.


If only there could be an easily accessible way to break free from routine and embrace the opportunities that surround us. Join us, Greg Wolff, James Jackins, and Kyle Smith, friends who are developing 30 Before Thirty into a social networking app that aims to help people better themselves through fostering new connections and embracing life through new experience.


By replacing weekly to-do lists with lists of goals to accomplish, 30 Before Thirty allows users to accomplish their goals alongside old and new friends. We hope that you are able to create memories to broadcast to your ever-expanding network, creating a portfolio of pictures and notes documenting your accomplishments. More importantly, we hope that the versatility of this app allows you to connect with people that you would not normally meet in your regular social circles or professional network. 30 Before Thirty wants these new experiences to easily breed new friendships while you are backpacking through Europe, on vacation in Las Vegas or simply looking for something new to do in your own city; adventure is all around us and it’s the people we meet doing it that makes it memorable! 


Our goal is to raise $10,000 to develop a diversified marketing campaign that would connect a variety of people and activities, while developing and improving the technical aspects of our company to finalize the creation of a beta model of the app. Thanks for stopping by our ATB Booster page, and we hope to meet you through 30 Before Thirty! 


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Sep 12, 2016
Project launched


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